Friday, January 13, 2017

Make Mine Bologna

I'm in the "In" group now
Sandwiched between
Both sets of eighty plus
Instability, LifeAlerts
Nurses, insurance
The new vocabulary words
Of accidents, aging
And unhappiness
We see
The mind giving up
On memory
Good judgment
While we stand
To stop the process
We watch with
The Fates as
The thread stretches
Straining to hear
The snap
I'm in the "In" group
Except I really want

Monday, October 5, 2015

Body of Evidence

Time does not believe
In beauty or
Make no bones about
In the end
We are only
Spirit and skin
Quit sucking
Your belly
Be momentous
Live in the light
Fate waits
To tip
Our toes
Into night
Where we're
Left to waltz
On our imagination's
Dance floor

This is offered for Poetry Pantry at week my mom fell and fractured her thigh bone, and while I was waiting to board a plane to see her, my husband texted me that he was at the hospital. His father had a stroke, and couldn't speak. You never know what curves in the road are coming. And it makes me realize how much we have to enjoy the moment.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


It's time
To come clean
Rinse off
The dirty secrets
Of my life....
Optimism can only
Carry me so far
There are ugly
Bad days
I have said
Many hurtful things
(And meant some of them)
Then sat in the yard
Like a wild orphan
Crying into my dog's
It was me that
Ate half the cookie dough
There are days
I want to give
On the world
I have backfisted a
And got drunk in
A treehouse
Yoga saved my sanity
I like talking to
I use canned beans
To make black beans
(A sin in Cuban culture)
My cuticles are torn
I can't watch
Scary movies
Optimism can only
Carry me so far
But love has no
Mileage limit

This is offered for the final prompt (sniffle) at Poetry Jam  Mary has decided it's time to move on and I understand, yet PJ is one of my favorite places. Love to Mary, Peggy and everyone who has made it such a loving community.  This is also offered for the prompt at Robert Lee Brewer's PAD, to write a poem about confessions. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Gust Of Imagination

The wind
Makes paper airplanes
Without following a pattern
And teaches dance
To the daisies
Without playing a note
Sails flotillas of
Leaves without
Passing out paddles
And for an encore
Flutters an autumn leaf
Into a butterfy
When I walked by

This is for Poetry Pantry at Poets United  I did see a red orange leaf, web-tethered to a chain link fence, flutter and thought it was a butterfly...enjoy :-)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hair of the Dog

When you have a Husky
There's no way round
The volume of hair
That will surround
Flow constantly
My floor becomes
A hairy sea
Hair in my clothes
Hair in my soup
I've no doubt
That hair's
In our poop
Yet at
Day's end
Who always greets
My smiling, wagging
Hairy Husky

This is offered up for Anthony's prompt to write about hair, at Dverse Poets is our second Husky (mix--rescue) and we swore we wouldn't get another (Ha!) He definitely picked us, and it has been true love ever since.  Though the hair does get a bit overwhelming at times... ;-)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Breaking Dawn

Why does dawn
Always bring a break?
Night's ebony shell cracks
Releasing rays of light
A delicious dream
Breaking the fast
Be slow to
Say goodbye
Hear the heartstrings
Stretch with
The thump of a trunk
There's no looking back
While the car
Waddles over
Gravel and is
Gone in
The blink, blink, blink
Of a tailight

This is offered for Alan's prompt at Poetry Jam poetryjaam.blogspot. com, to pick a word for this New Year and write about it.  For some reason "dawn" has been in my mind and the poems that I've been writing, lately.  Perhaps a subconscious push at new beginnings, or maybe just rosy skies. The last lines have been hanging around in head ever since I saw an early morning farewell, on one of my many dog walks, it was nice to finally find them a home :-) Happy New Year everyone!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Pebble for Your Thoughts

It drops
A pebble thought
Spinning circles through
This fractured heart
Some pieces cannot
Be pushed together
Magnetic poles in
Opposition pushing
Away the tethers
That used to bind
Yet my mind
Stubbornly tries
To find
Where the pieces
Might fit
Wonders why
The shapes changed
Won't accept that
Some things
Can't be explained
And the pebbles
Keep falling
Like the rain

This is offered for Alan's prompt at Poetry Jam to write about pebbles. (I love pebbles!) It's also inspired by last week's prompt to write about something broken.  I have a hard time letting go of things I love--that have broken--picture frames with a favorite photo, a missing earring from a favorite pair, friendships that for one reason or another ship-wreck.  I don't pursue the friendship once it's gone, but my brain seems to get stuck sometimes trying to sort out what happened...Hope that you're on happier thoughts today and that it's a lovely week :-)