Monday, April 23, 2012

Judging By the Weather

Prompt--Write a judging poem

In dark robes flowing
She strode into
The chamber
The crowd rose
Anticipating her
Ascent to the bench
A ray of sunlight
Flashed on her face
She blinked, smiled
Then walked
Down the aisle
Out the door
Some days
You just can't judge

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Share my poems with your friends, even the imaginary ones, keep smiling and remember that no one likes to be judged


  1. Fun! I had a bunch of thoughts going through my head for this prompt, for a light-hearted poem. But I couldn't get any of them to come together. So I ended up w/a more serious bent. This, however, was just fun!! :)

    (Plus...I LOVE the painting at the top of your blog!)

  2. Sara: this one is AWESOME! Not what I expected at all!

  3. Oh yeah -- this one's fun! :-)


Your words are wonderful! Thanks for popping in--I'll be over in a snap!