Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rooted Determination

Prompt--Write a problem poem

Oh weeds between the pavers
Why do you persist?
Why do you insist
On sowing seeds where
They cannot grow
On watching Nature TV
Shows on ero-
You cannot prevail
There are poisons
That kill
(Not that I'd use them)
But I will
Keep yanking out
Your thinly rooted
To overthrow
My patio


  1. LOL Fun! Excellent title too! (But... thanks a lot for reminding me of another task I've been ignoring!) :-)

  2. Thank you for the compliment, I kinda struggled with the title--glad you liked it! Sorry about reminding you, though...:-)

  3. Love the title! :) Just about all we get here in Southern Nevada are weeds. Boy, can I relate! Great write.

    1. Thank you De! Yep, this was what I was doing this morning--couldn't stand the view from my kitchen window anymore...

  4. Hi Sara: I absolutely love it. That was my chore growing up as soon as I turned 13. Keep the patio clear of the weeds.

    I wanted to also point out that I have really enjoyed your poetry and I am glad I "discovered" you this year. Please visit my site for the special gift I placed for you.


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