Monday, April 8, 2013

Poetry Overload

Hold Onto Iron Knee

Sculpt me a man
Brawn's what I want
No, not marble
May sway some
Sculpted calf, thigh
But I want my man
Molded in fire
Polished and gleaming
(get my meaning?)

Very very late in my postings—behind in my poem a day—this was written for day 4 Poem a Day, prompt “Hold Onto ____) and then I saw that was writing about irony...and, wordplay took over—can you find the word with double-meaning?

Two Dog Night

Had one dog
Added one more
One for the floor
Plus one at my feet

True—got two, a big hairy (husky mix) dog and small fluffy (not shedding thank you!) dog—both rescues. Love multiplied, not just added and laughter too-- Poem A Day-Write a “Plus” poem

Stamp It

No more missives
Perfect pen between
My fingers
Tip-tap send
Email, tweet or FB
That's the only post
For me

Never thought I'd see the day. I passionately loved pens and stationery. Would spend so much time selecting the perfect pen to write. And now, I'm fully in the electronic age. Use pens to scribble, not “write.” sigh. Do love the ease of it all, though. Poem a Day, write a “Post” poem


  1. smiles...i used to love pens too ... well still do..just don't use them so much any more..loved the poetry collection..the one with the dog at the feet made me warm and cozy..and the man moded in fire..whew...smiles

    1. Hi Claudia!! I still love pens, too. Very happy that you found joy in all three :-)

  2. the pups...and hey having a man that has gone through the fire...and has a bit of fire in him, not a bad choice at all...smiles....

    1. Hi Brian!! You made me laugh! Great comments, fire can definitely be a good thing :-)

  3. three for the price of one.Well done.
    Takes a lot to catch up once you fall behind. I ahd to do two today and at the beginning of the week I was three up.
    It is hard this year. don't quite know why.
    I still write in ink first. Like to have a whole A4 sheet per poem, tucked in a box file.

    1. Hi Aprille!! It does take a lot to catch up, I'm so happy that you still write in ink, probably because you're such an excellent artist. And I'm happy that you're writing too:-)

  4. Way to catch up with a bang! I enjoyed all three pieces a lot, but especially identified with the first. I can handle cartain imperfections in my ideal man but in other ways want him to be perfect. :)

    1. Hi Rachel!! Thank you so much--the first was the most fun;-)

  5. Lovely set of poems. I'm with you on the third-it's such a shame that we all type instead of write these days :(

    1. Hi David!! Thank you, yes there is definitely something lost in the absence of pen and paper-though so much gained too, like being able to enjoy so many wonderful poems and poets across the world :-)

  6. Mmmmm. That first one's yummy. ;)

    I'm loving all your posts (you're like the prize in the Cracker Jack box, coming straight to my email inbox daily.) ;)

    1. Hi De!! You are so sweet, I feel the same way about seeing your posts in my inbox. Treats to enjoy :-) Thank you!

  7. I loved pens and notebooks :) Lovely collection of poems, Sara. :) Love the dog one..they are great friends :)

    1. Hi Ayala!! Thought you might like that dog poem :-) They are wonderful friends, even if you have to sacrifice a shoe...or two...the new dog has a real taste for flip flops


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