Monday, December 31, 2012

Friend Ships

Friend ships often
Sail shifting seas
You see them
Then they sail
Out of sight
And yet those
Gossamer lines of love
Memories, linger
The way she turned
The steering wheel
And tossed water
Into the air to delight
In the drops
Snapshots in the mind
A reflection, a grin
But most missed
The flow of conversation
Constant, joyful laughter
And now two decades
Over a cup of tea
The ships meet
Those lines of love
Link into heart moorings
Like so many years
Ago and the words
And laughter flow
Hearts set free
To sail on the
Sea of Happy

This was written for the prompt of Happiness at Poetry Jam, and for the prompt of Changes and Turns at and shared with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United poetry  It was inspired by a recent visit to CA, where I got to reconnect with on of my best friends from high school.  We'd lost touch for about 20 years and then found each other on FB.  After hello and a hug, we started talking-like no time had passed at all.  :-)   Also on this New Year's Eve I'd like to share a toast with all of you

There are good ships
And there are wood ships
And there are ships that
Sail the sea
But the best ships
Are friendships
And may they
Always be

Thank you all for your kindness, support and laughter--Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Looking Up

Peach flavored translucence
With a side of light
Ethereal in its emptiness
A flock of winged silhouettes
Like cut outs
From the evening sky
Puzzle pieces shifting
High on the morning breeze
A vision broken
When the sun reaches out
And reveals their true colors

This is written for the prompt from Poetry Jam, who invites us to take a walk and write about what we see. The dogs and I saw this vision this morning. Here in Florida it always looks to me like the birds are pieces of the sky that somehow fell out of the aerial jigsaw :-) Also, shared with the wonderful Open Link Night at

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Super Man

Caring is a given
Not a question for this man
Mother, Father, Aunt
Cared for them all until
He did not have the strength
Then visited twice a day
Brought pastellitos for the staff
A little sweet insurance for extra care

Was the constant for his grandchildren
Because caring is a given
No question, that every day
He picked them up from school
Took care of them if they were sick
While their power career parents climbed ladders
Got raises and worked late
He made the nietos cafe con leche, and listened to their stories

And when more family came from Cuba
Everyone else put up the money, but he housed them
Because caring is a given
Even when they stayed past welcome
And their daughter left them there
He fed them, drove them, called rescue
And made the funeral plans

Now his sweetheart of sixty years
Can no longer care for herself
No break, yet no complaint
Because caring is a given

And the circle of life spins
What was given is returned
Beloved and surrounded by
All his family, every day
Full of caring,
Given with gratitude

This is written for Poetry Jam's prompt to write about a good person; And for dverse poets-another form that took on a form of it's own—kinda a quatern;; and for Poets United Poetry Pantry This is dedicated to my father-in-law who is one of the most genuinely good people I know. His life has been that of a caregiver, and he has shouldered it with love, and patience for the past thirty years. It amazes me. And the best part is to see how much love surrounds him. His children are always there for him, he does not want for anything, daily phone calls too, plus—every Saturday is breakfast with his daughter's family and every Sunday it's dinner with us. His grandkids call him every day, help him care for his wife, give him haircuts, and take him out to lunch every week. * pastellitos are Cuban pastries; *nietos is spanish for grandchildren :-)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Believe

In Santa
The Easter Bunny
And Tooth Fairy
How could I not?
They all were me!

This was written for the prompt to write about make believe and fantasy, from last week at Poetry Jam (yes, I am that behind).  And I do believe! These gift givers are traditions passed from parent to parent for years and years. Of course they exist, all you have to do is look at that wide-eyed happy expression of a small child.  Wonder is the best magic of all.  Also, sharing this with Open Link Night at where everyone believes in something :-)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mary and Me

I was prepared to love her
Better than anyone
Ever, ever, ever
Loved a sister
Fight like other sisters
Were going to be
Perfectly happy
Except it took
A while
(Okay, an eternity)
To me
At eight years to her three
We Hoppity-hopped
And read
Shared nightmares and
A bed
Barbies, Candy Land, coloring books,
Backseat buddies, side by side
For every trip we took
Till I moved three thousand
Miles away
Now we have phone calls
Instead of Barbie play
Dealing with grown up fears
Laughing, not hiding tears
And that little girl prepared to
Love and to be sweet
Is so happy to find that sister love
Travels a two way street

This was written for the Sibling Revelry prompt at Poetic Bloomings, about my sister Mary, who is one of the best people I know and who can make me laugh, no matter what; the Preparation prompt at Dverse Poets (excellent prompt, Mary!) and the Poetry Pantry and Poets United where I'm stopping by to share a poem and a snack. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Reflected In You

Reflected in you
I see a lovely combination
Of parental DNA
(not that I'm partial or anything)
I see hope and fear
Mine and yours
Mistakes, too
Mine and yours
But mostly I see
Proof of heaven
Like the first time
I held you, uncovered those
Ten perfect toes
And incredibly long fingers
Long before I knew
How much you would make me
Laugh out loud, gnash my teeth
Glow with love
The minute your eyes met mine
I was a gone girl

This poem is for the prompt at Poetry Jam  where Mary gave us the incredibly fun prompt of writing a poem using the title of one of New York Times Best Sellers; The title is from "Reflected In You" by Sylvia Day, a story of fiction; and I included two other titles, just for fun (and I couldn't pick just one) "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander-nonfiction; and "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn, a mystery.  This is also for the prompt at Poets United, where we are asked to write about a gift that gave me a happy heart, what popped into my head was when I called my mom to let her know she was going to be a grandma--all she could say was "Oh!Oh!Oh!"  My boys and my stepdaugher are the best gifts I've ever been given.  And I'm sharing this poem with Open Link Night where gifts are always welcome   :-) Happy Thanksgiving everyone--I'm thankful for all of you!! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bailing on Barnum

If the circus was a class field trip
Guess who lost their permission slip?
That would be me
Pink crushed into a couch crevasse
Because, alas
While I loved the horses, and trapeze
Clowns did not, please
Nor did tired, sad elephants
Chained and dressed
Not for success
Stuck in a single line
With whips that snapped and whined
Or tigers snarling and then sent
To stand on silly stools to repent
Plus the scent of pacyhderm poo
Let's find a mountaintop
Maybe a meadow where we'll flop
And make a circus of clouds that fly
Above our heads in the sky

This poem is for Poem a Day prompt 14 by Catherine Lee write a "stuck" poem; and for the creative folks at Poetry Jam who invite us to write about the circus at
Sorry, I really did/do avoid the circus, it always made me sad.  But the big top of a mountain?  Happy!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Handy Recipe

Dear World,

Hate needs to go.  Therefore, I have invented a "hate elimination process." Please follow these simple instructions:

Look at both hands,
See the pads on your fingers, the lines, the scars
Everyone has these, EveryOne
Remember this
Then place the left hand over the right,
Press both on top of your heart
And joyfully proclaim "Hate Begone, Love Live On!"

If you still feel hatred brewing, Kindly repeat this process, until the glow of love grows in your chest.  It may feel a little warm, this is part of the normal settling process.

And if you believe this recipe is a little weak, feel free to order my new "Love Paint," which is equal parts chocolate and bliss.

It's easy make yourself:

First melt your favorite chocolate,
Next, dip in a finger (preferably your index),
Then, stick that chocolate coated finger slowly into your mouth
Close your eyes and smile
Feel free to repeat this process until you are full of love (and chocolate)

My apologies in advance to anyone who is allergic to chocolate, or who just plain doesn't like it.  Feel free to substitute your own favorite flavor--jelly, brandy, marshmallow creme...This is another mishmash of prompts from Poetic Asides Poem A Day;  Write a poem about an invention-Jane Shlensky; Write two poems, one a letter poem and the second a recipe poem-from Mike Grove.  Also, offered up for, open link night where love is served every day.  :-)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Poetic Ketchup

Cold Thanks

William, I forgive you for
Eating my plums
Your words satiated my
Hunger in exactly
The right way
But couldn't you have left
Just one?

C'est La Vie

When he's gone I'll
A single text to
“c'est la vie”
Life will not be
In fact I'll have
More tea
And a cup less
Of misery
Which will
Bring me
Joie de vivre
When he's gone
I'll be free
To sip life

Still trying to keep up with the poem a day challenge--and then I decided to roll nearly all of them into one.  The first poem is a combination of the prompt of  Day 6 Left and Right poem -Walt; and Day 8 talk back to a dead poet, from Daniel Ari. I love the poem "This Is Just to Say" by William Carlos Williams  If you've never read, it do something nice for yourself and click on the link.  "Cold Thanks" is the reply to that poem.  And the second poem, I have combined the following prompts: Day 5 Write a text poem-Amanda Laughtland;; Day 7 Circular poem-  Eleanore;  Day 9 When he's gone--Sally Jadlow; Day 10  Use a foreign word in the title of  the poem--Linda Hofke;  And, I'm also sharing this with the lovely poets at Poets United Poetry Pantry! Enjoy :-)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just Beneath Reality

The sea is the color of bliss
Trees greet you with a kiss
The ground is as soft as drowsy
There's no such word as “lousy”
Mosquitoes, no-seeums and houseflies
Sing harmony in violet skies
Stars play seek and hide
Every time you go outside
You can be any shape you choose
And calories help you lose
Peace rains every day
Children laugh and parents play
While the highest priority
Belongs to words in poetry

Seasonal Humor

The little boy said,
“Daddy, I don't want to put my coat on.”
Dad pointed at the gray clouds outside and replied gently,
“You see son, it's winter out side and for every season there is a change.”

Two poems offered up today, one decidedly lame humor, however, sometimes I have to go where the pun goddess points me—for “Change of Seasons” at Poetry Jam's beautiful photos deserve better.  Love that shot of Hawaii and California!  And, Day 4 of Poem a day challenge at Poetic Asides, the lovely, talented and warm Marie Elena asks us to write a poem using the phrase "Just beneath ________"  Though I have to give some credit to Lewis Carroll and  S.E. Ingraham--I've always loved "Jabberwocky" and Sharon wrote a really cool fantasy poem at, got my jabber juices going...
And for the dverse poets at the bar for Open Link Night, where jabbering is welcome :-)

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Fearful Fib

Loss of
Home, mobility
Above all, loss of memory
Becoming a burden to everyone who loves me

This is written for day 3 of Poetic Asides Poem a Day challenge, where Joshua Gray asks us to write a poem that scares you--so I took fear and ran with it.  This form is a fibonacci or (fib), though this poem is truth.  My sense of humor still intact :-)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Luna-sea (Dona Nobis Pacem)

We held our
Breaths the balance
Seemed so fragile
Caught between
Sunset and Moonrise
Orange to the west
Dissolved to darkness
While orange in the
East grew
An enormous
Moon balloon
Filled the horizon
And threw its
Light across the
An amber invitation
To the sky
It was

Written for the second day of PAD, prompt from the talented Khara House to write about a full moon.  This is a true story. An incredible harvest moon that seemed to send an invitation across the sea.  Also shared with the wonderful poets at Poets United Poetry Pantry  And just found out about Blog 4 Peace so I'm linking this to that as well--Peace!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Flame On

Match me
Catch me
Strike that
Tender tinder
And with hot
Breath grow
That flame
Never, ever
Blow it

Do you know what today is? It's the first day of the Poem A Day challenge at Poetic Asides, with our master of poetry and prompts Robert (not Bob) Brewer! The man who got me writing poems again with his first April Poem A Day challenge, five (yes, that's five) years ago. Stop in for some great poetry reads or join the fun at Today's prompt is “Matches” from the lovely Mariya Koleva!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stable Ground

Somewhere between
Eight and nine
It hit
My heart swelled
With it
And anything
Had to, HaD To,
Be mine
Six years later
Heard that nicker
Just for me
And was never able
To stray from
The stable
In overalls
Cleaned stalls
Cleaned leather
Learned how to tie a
Brushed our horses
Raced in the pasture
Or just laid like sacks
Across those broad
Sun-warmed backs
And became one
With our obsession
Years (many)
Later, my heart
Still stirs at a soft
For me, heaven will be
Filled with hay and a whinny

This posted for the prompt at Poetic Bloomings where they ask us to write about our favorite hang-outs when we were growing up. For me that was the stable—loved horses then, love them now—some things never change. We lived there, loving every scent, chore and of course the horses. Heaven. Also, for Tash and all the wonderful poets at Open Link Night—might not be typical Halloween fare, but horses did and always will bewitch me :-) and this is a stretch, however, this horse-filled life was definitely a choice that overrode pretty much every other extracurricular activity in my teen years, and one that I'm forever thankful to have had--for the prompt “choices” at

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Love That Beat

Play some
Bass drum
Rim tap
Cow bell
Bass guitar
Honky tonk
Bee bop
Rock and roll
R & B
Choo choo
Salsa, too
Any thumping
Beat will do
Starts at my toes
It grows
Bounce, shake
Every atom
Joins in
Twist, shout
Let it out
Its the best
Way to be

Thank you to Dani at Poetry Jam for inviting us to write about what we love, including dancing. Also dancing at the Open Link Night, with the fabulous Claudia,, and with the incomparable  Sherry, at Poets United who did me the honor of an interview :-)  poetry (have to scroll to Monday 10/22) Dancing has always been my happy place. From the Twist the Jerk, and the Monkey while we danced to the Beatles and Stones, in my parent's den, to washing dishes, or in my car (yes, that's me singing and shimmying at the stop light) the best way I know to shake off the blues and find my smile :-)   PS tried to give this poem a beat, feel free to tap your feet...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Moon Kisses

Whispers of the wild
                     Tip-toed barefoot
                        Sharp cold granite
                                  Peak just to kiss
                                     The soft white cheek
                                                     Of the moon

I guess this is my week to be slightly off the beaten path of prompts or direction. Have to say, this is not where this poem was headed originally, but sometimes you just have to go with it.  The flow of words is supposed flow like a moonbeam...  This is just to say, thank you for the prompts at Poetry Jam (Shadows-Love those! Thank you Peggy); Poets United (Wolf), but actually that's where I got my beginning line—thank you Ella, my muse was enchanted! and for the inspiring and generous Brian who's tending bar for Open Link night at

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sun Salutation

Go slow
Ease into the day
Sunlight does not hurry
Each beam slightly
It takes time to
Help the sky remember
Its colors
No rush
They will come
A slow blush on water blue
Hurried greetings
A nuclear fusion of effort
Colored the clouds
Just so
Face the light
And fully embrace
The day

Thought this might be fitting since tomorrow is Monday and we'll all be rushing around.  Came to me while walking the dog one morning.  The sunrise deserves its due (dew?).  This is posted for all the lovely people at Poetry Pantry--where Poets United invite us to share

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Battle Lost

My bed's a planet
Let me stay in it
Peaceful in orbit

And leave the horror
No, not the snorer
The beckoning door

Where the evil grows
Never ever slows
Ignoring the snows

And chortles at me
While I spray with glee
Poison chemically
(and organically)

Sigh, futility
Next weekend I'll see
New sprouts creepily

Spreading on the deck
My life is a wreck
There's just no respect
From this chlorophyllic dreck

This was supposed to be a Englyn (3 lines 7 syllables, yet somehow 5 stuck in my head—so it's not, seven, it's 5, and I had to add that line at the end to make sense--but it was a valiant attempt, so I'm linking to also in response to Poetic Asides take a line and use it—“my bed is a planet” (kinda made me think of “plant” so I went with that...) and last but certainly not least, a poem in response to poetryjam's “Monster” prompt Whew!! Weeds in my pavers are definitely monstrous, I refuse to use the even more evil herbicides, however, those weeds are definitely laughing at me, and I shudder to think of the masses of roots that are just waiting to take over...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Cracker Jack Creed

Crack life open
And find the surprise
Dab a little behind your
Stick it in your pocket
In a locket
But don't lock it
Hang it on key chain
Let it swing
Sprinkle some in
Your salad
Or in a
Champagne glass
Sip it, splash it
Wear it
Share it
Smear it on bifocals
Or binoculars
To improve the view
Slide some in your
You never know
What a little surprise
Will do

This was written for the Wacky Wednesday prompt at Poets United but I was too late to link there-- so I'm sharing it as part of the Poetry Pantry post instead.
Inspired by Ella's introduction to SARK who writes wonderful words, like "Keep surprise close at hand"  :-)   The spark for this poem.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Above All Else

Above me I love the sky
Below me I love the sea
Around me I love my friends
On my face I love a smile
In my belly I love a laugh
In my ears A Beatles tune
In my nose Wafts of fresh baked (anything)
In my hand A glass of wine
At my waist My husband’s arm
Under my feet A sandy beach
There’s too much in life
To enjoy and see
To love one thing exclusively

This was written for a prompt at Poetic Bloomings to write a poem for one thing I loved to do "above all else"--couldn't do "one thing" and this poem was the result. Received a "Bloom" in recognition of my creativity. And since Time's been short lately I'm sharing it with you and my fellow poets at, where it's open link night! Anything goes :-) 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sunny Side Of the Street

She wants to help
Every day
Sending ray upon ray
Of her
A sunny disposition

And now a scientific

Take her positive energy
And make a road
Powers the car
(if it's electric)
The nation
And makes refuse

Can it be reality?
It's up to you and me
(watch the movie...)

This is so unbelievably cool!  They have a prototype, they have an FB page too.  Are there issues? Sure. But just the concept, the idea that this could be, is pretty doggone thrilling!!  I love the wonder of it.  Deep breath, feel the wonder?!  Yes, I knew you would :-)

So Thank you to Poetry Jam for the inspiration--write a poem that is for didactic (interesting teaching) purpose.  Also for open link night at

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rain Drop Doo Wop

Walking has a rhythm, the gortex rain jacket crunching against my shorts, follows that beat, in a crunching-swish way, and the streams of water--falling, falling, falling from the clouds-sky, from the tree-branches-needles-leaves, hitting my head, my arms, my dog, my legs, the ground.
But what do I see? I see the streams of water—falling, falling, falling onto the surface of the ponds and splashing, bouncing back, makes me think of music, drums, a piano. Rhythm. The challenge, wrap up that memory, soak it, turn it, tweak it—put it into words that move, that make you feel the music, the beat, the staccato, the mambo, the splash-dance of waterplay across a still surface, a surface that yields, in explosive sprays. How to trap this wonder, let loose my muse and paint with words, just the right words, that put you into this moment, this raincoat, with me while the rain falls, falls, falls while the clouds thunder and laugh at my feeble attempts to capture magic with words.

I was recently asked about writing prose--always been intrigued, but never tried--so here it is my first attempt.  I think.  Brooke Horvath's poem “Definition” says a prose poem should be...”not too short and not too long, somewhere between a snort and a song.”  I think I snorted.
Written for the Poetry Pantry at Poets United  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


 IBM Research scientists imaged the bond order and length of individual carbon-carbon bonds in C60
 C the bond
Look closely
Atomic force microscopy
We be C-
From the C
Connected, bonded
You and me
No matter
What our thoughts
May be
You C?

This discovery fill me with awe and glee.  I mean, it is the coolest thing ever!!  An actual photo of the bonds in a carbon atom--how amazing is that? We can take a photo of atomic bonds--mind blowing really.  All those years looking at and drawing carbon bonds, with hydrogen, etc. yawn--and now a real picture of it!!  Also, just reinforces my belief, we're all part of the same stuff, time for all us peoples to get along.  Happy bonding!!  Inspired by the prompt at, to look closely.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


He knows
Can almost feel the release
Hear the soft thud
As the fob and key
Fall into his son's hand
“I fell asleep at the stoplight”
He confesses to the office staff
But not to me
He knows
They'll tell me
He always shifts into neutral
But that doesn't make it safe
He knows
Freedom is a key
That fits in the ignition
A simple turn
Of events
No one wants to think it
Or say it
He knows

Written for Open Link night at  Didn't intend to go to the dark side, but sometimes, life just takes you there, and the only key to escape is you gotta write a poem...

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Credit Artwork by Vicki Sheehan
Title:  Collage - Original Mixed Media Art - Golden Threads

Dark shiny table tops
Soft white lace
Home décor contrasted
Like the hard-working men
And soft-spoken women
Who sat on the chesterfield
Sipping Manhattans
Smoking Tareytons
While little girls
Pressed, scrubbed clean
Sat, lips sealed
Hands folded, and watched
The scene, memorized
Lipstick, gestures
The magic of smoke rings
Never knowing that they
Were learning an era
Not an eventuality

Written for Poets United at who invite you to write about a mystery and timeworn memories--with inspiration from the works of Vicki Sheehan-visual artist

The lace in this piece of art reminded me of the doilies my grandma (Norwegian) used to put on all her polished dark wood end tables and side tables.  The intricacies always fascinated me, just like her ability to blow perfect smoke rings.  I will never know why she called a "couch" a "chesterfield" because I never thought to ask, it just was...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It might have been the broad shoulders
Maybe the Roman nose
Or winning grin
And taller than me
Sat behind me in Spanish class
Was so dreamy
Felt a little chemistry
Then Mono hit me--two weeks
Tossed and turned in fever, sure
That I'd lost my chance
Instead, the day I returned
He asked me to the Homecoming Dance
In shock, I squeaked a “yes”
And he answered, “Really?”
As they say, the rest...
Was typical high school romance
Doomed before it's through
But for that single moment
It was a dream come true

Written for the prompt, “Moment that impacted you” for; Openlink night at and Poetic Bloomings prompt #72—first love
This was the first true love, took a few more frogs before I figured things out, but as they say, you never forget your “first” :-)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Otta Be Autumn

No shades of leafy reds
                         Are seen
                              In the land of perpetual
No yellows, oranges
                         Or gold
                                Where people flee
                                           To escape
                                                      The Cold
No winey scent, or frosty chill
                          No leaves to rake
                                          Or cookies to
                  (it's too darn hot, for goodness sake)

Just hurricane season
                         And humidity
                                       Happy trees
                                              But wistful Me

Thanks to the inspiration from Think Tank Thursday #103 at Poets United
And unfortunately, true.  Used to live where we had a fabulous Autumn, and I love every little bit of it, from the brisk breeze, scent of rotting leaves, frosty edged hedges, colorful trees, even the skeletal remains after every leaf dropped--all beautiful and fond memories.  Sigh--cheers to everyone who is entering this magical time. :-)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shades of Summer

Sunlight slipped
Oak trees
Weaving beam and branch
To paint gray
Picnic table planks
With shadow leaves
While the breeze
Tickled my neck
Only I could hear

Sharing with Openlink Night at; this poem was also recently published at the amazingly cool online poetry mag  A.J. Huffman, editor and phenomenal poet.  Check it out!  Submissions are open :-)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Letters Illuminated

Dear Stars,

Thank you for giving me humility and awe. For lighting the vast shadow of limitless space. For inspiring sparkling thoughts and diamond sprinkled analogies.

For showing us the way, when we are lost at sea, or on land, for never wavering in your brilliant constancy.

I love your constellations, the way you spin your galaxies just so. Some people might say you're too hot tempered, but I think you're super, nova or not.

Yet, most of all, I wanted to thank you for giving everyone here at planet blue a place to hang our wishes, even when you fall.

Long may you shine.


For the “Write a Letter” prompt at Poetry Jam and for Open Link Night at the bar of Happy hour indeed :-)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Field of Dreaming

Didn't intend to
Spend twenty-five years
In the outfield
Hands at my sides
Hope penciled onto, fading
From the weathered palm of my glove
For a dream

Then, a sun scorched day
Sight blocked by light
Heard the swing
The rush of air
Reached up, up
Tendons to the point
Of tearing
It landed
Light as my favorite song
A dream
And all I had to do
Was reach

Written for the wonderful prompt "Dream Catcher"  at Poets United  Couldn't resist the baseball analogy--eventhough it was a sport that eluded me skill-wise :-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Drow Semag

Any word scramble
     Is like dangl
A treat to bat
         and swing
For the claws of
         my intellect

Written for the prompt "Games" at Poetry Jam
And thanks to my great poetic friend De for the inspiration to dangle my words :-)

The Red Door

A nut brown ranch house
With a Red door
Ivy curving in the eaves
Marigolds, tulips and crocuses
In the garden
A huge fruitless (thank goodness)
Mulberry tree in the back yard
Perfect for climbing
(if you could reach that one lower branch)
There was a playhouse, too
(a shed taken over by a sisterly coup)

Cherished wall to wall
Avocado green carpet
(we were the last to get wall-to-wall)
Three bedrooms
In grade school, mine was heaven
Lavender, with bright pink furniture;
High school soothed with blue, 
Homework with the radio blasting
Reading with the radio blasting
(transistor mind you, so cool!)
Vinyl dinette, four seats perfect for
The four of us
And a yellow and green kitchen
That always smelled amazing
(Except on "liver" nights)

Safe inside, cozy-excepting sibling screeches
Outside a cold war
(“Better dead, than red”)
Whispered loud enough
For kids to hear
A Commie had snuck in
With a red door

I'm dating myself here (besides wall-to-wall carpeting, transistor radio), but back in sixties red was a pretty inflammatory color, usually meant your were a Communist sympathizer—but my mom just liked red. Of course it didn't help that my parents were liberal teachers, wearing bell bottoms and long hair, who'd infiltrated a conservative compound of neighbors. :-) But that's what fences and hedges are for...

Written for Poetic Bloomings #67, describe your home prompt, and dverse poets at open link night

Saturday, August 11, 2012


My nose has always been
A book
And writing one
Seemed simple
Theory it is
Practice it's not
Wrote two novels
Too many
My nose has always been
A book
My heart has always been

This was written for the prompt at Think Tank Thursday at Poets United  to write about the book you're reading. I am chain reader of romantic comedy. And in deep admiration of authors who can write and revise ad nauseum until the story is ready to publish.  If you want names of good romantic comedy, let me know and I'll give you a list.  Also love Sharon Creech, and The Secret Life of Bees and ...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Night Light

Speeding car at night
No headlights
Yet, enlightening

One call
Friends picked up
The pieces
With love, without judgment

As if the moon had
Split and shot
A beam that

Pierced terror
Released peace

Shining on a
Simple word

Written for the "What are your values?" prompt at Poetry Jam and for Open Link Night a

True story--not me driving, fortunately it was emotional pieces--not pieces of me. At the time was completely stressed about 3 tests in one day--it was an epiphany--or being smacked upside the head with something I'd known all along--the big stuff in life is love/friends/family.  Everything else is relative.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Forget true north
Truly too cold
Head south, wade in
Tropically toasted seas
Balance that little
Disk with needle tilting
In your palm
Outstretched towards the horizon
When the sun and sky conspire
To paint the world pink
Let your lashes kiss your cheeks
Breathe in the simmering stillness
Release the compass,
When you hear it splash
Listen to the dot-dot-dash of your heart
It's the only instrument you need

This is for the compass prompt at Poets United poetry

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sound Sleep

Sing me a song
Tuned to bliss
The subtle notes of
Wavelets lapping
On a sailboat keel
So I can rock and sway

In time with drip-drop
Patter on palms
And the see-saw swish-scritch
Of fronds swinging in
Rhythm with a balmy breeze
So I can sway and rock

With the light years of
Crystal whispers
Streaming from the
Infinite sea of space
So I can sway and sleep

Written for the prompt to write sound poem for Think Tank Thursday at Poets United poetry

Monday, July 23, 2012

Beaten Not Stirred

If you leave without word or
Reason and believe
It's a kinder way to part
There may be an organ in your chest
But it will never be a heart

Written for the prompt of "Betrayal" at Poetic Bloomings   --Note: I looked up the etymology of the word "betray" (was considering riffing on being a tray)--it's (be-tradere) "be-traitor"  Then I got to wondering about "portray"  different tra-latin ending "trahere"..meaning "to draw"  tray interesting?

And shared on Open Link Night with at  Great party y'all!  :-)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sweet Stuff

Mysterious food tickled me
Spun sugar and rock candy
Pink fluff with a melty crunch
And edible crystals I couldn't munch

Only lick, suck and spin
Till fragments crumbled and fell in
To and on my eager tongue
It took forever to eat just one
(In hindsight, a benefit
Many more would've made me sick)

The squeal of voices and machine
Spinning rides that turned me green
I played and explored the fair with vigor
But, truthfully--I was there for the sugar

Written for the carnival prompt at Poets United

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Les is More

A childhood lived in the
Bright, high intensity
Of De-Light
Earth was to be
Explored, experienced
Climb the cliffs, sniff the air
A mountain lake of snow melt
No tip of toe--whole body leap!
Swerving off roads to
Grab binocs
Reach for Petersen's tattered bird guide
Back-seat impaired we strained
To see
The magic he saw
Every plant, insect, animal
Bird, fish, canyon, cloud
Had a name, a story
And was gilded in awe
Our vision forever altered
Life was a sea of wonder
Don't hesitate
Jump in with
Both feet and
Eyes wide open

Offered to dVerse poets open link night  Happy Anniversary!

This poem is dedicated to my inspiring dad, who's name happens to be "Les"

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

The Paris sun so bright
The sky perfect azure
The sidewalk cafe
Croissants had
Just been served
Then wafting through
The air
Came something
Not so sweet
Parisian patrons
Puffing smoke
While we tried
To eat

Just one of those things the brochures and romantic movies don't show you---the romantic sidewalk cafes are also where everyone smokes...

From the prompt at Dverse poets--celebrate Bastille day and write about something French

Friday, July 13, 2012

Snow Colored Memories

White is not colorless
Every flake a
Melting memory
Fire-red thrill
Flying downhill
Bubble gum pink giddy
Tumble, spill, iced adrenaline
Stepping into solitude
Twilight blue peace
Among snow coated trees
Lift your face
And be graced
With frosty feathered tickles
A thousand cloud kisses
Exhale the fog that cloaks
Your heart
Inhale crisp clear joy

Written for "Think Tank Thursday" at Poets United

Growing up snow was a treat, a weekend trip--didn't have to live in it day to day.  Still is a hit of bliss to feel flakes melt on my face.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Another Reason To Celebrate!

Today's the day my poem was published in Errant Parent!

Come check it out:-)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

CPO "Chief Princess Officer"

Cinderella was
My fave
Even if she was
A slave
Evil was doomed
To lose
And Cindy got
Amazing  shoes
Only now I've
Time to reconsider
I'd say,
"Cindy, screw
The slipper"
Go after glass
Ceilings instead
Don't use your feet
Use your head
Don't let fairies
Limit you
It's your life
There's no curfew

For the prompt" Fractured Fairy Tales" at Poets United


Just cause I'm
Big and sweet
Don't treat me like a
Piece of meat
Or keep me pregnant
To take my milk
Feed me corn I
Can't digest
Make me live
Knee deep in waste
Twenty deep crammed
Shoulder to tail
Swarming flies
In my eyes
Besides inhumane
And unjust
It's udderly

For the "Mood" prompt at Poetry Jam

Saturday, June 23, 2012


At first you don't notice
Cells that slip free
Their nuclei of fear
What people think
Sink below your radar
Next soul suckers
Are released
Let those lampreys
Loose you don't have
The juice to make
Everything all better
Heart soars
Levity leaves a
Cavity within and
A sprout
Sunflower,tender leaves
Capped in shell
Swells, casts off
Pretention, convention
Protection, shuns the
Faces, races and
The light

Written for the prompt "Labyrinth " at Think Tank Thursday # 102 Poets United

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Heart of Hearing

Waking, shaking in the
Soon-to-be-sister-in-law's bed
Words resonating in
Her head, chest
Heart thumping
Tongue thick
Lips tucked tight
Flight imminent
Ignorant of calamity
Door opens and her betrothed
Shoots a smile of delight
Her brain stomps
The rebel edict
Lips curl, automatic
Faux happy
And her gut churns acid disgust
Days and weeks the battle
Ensues, heart beating
The brain, until the ace
Is drawn and played
"No one else will love you."
Chills her through
And she succumbs
White-dressed and smiling
She says "I do"
And four years later,
"I won't"
Lessons learned
The hard way through
Heart knows what
The brain don't
And the amygdala lies, too

PS  Happy ending--listened to Heart, found soulmate--married 24 years, 2 wonderful sons and an amazing stepdaughter, plus Max the Wonderdog who chases my latest mistake (never should have fed the ducks, but that's another poem)

From the "Mistake" prompt at,  would have liked to have written a poem that went along with Sinatra's words-- "Mistakes, I've had a few, but then again too few to mention..." but that would have been a mistake...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Grin and Share It

The following is an unpaid
Public Smile Promotion:

A sprite of sunlight
Rippling on the water
Monarch marionettes
Dipping in and out of
Milkweed flowers
That first sip of champagne
A fizz and shimmer on your tongue
The warm brown eyes of
A happy lab
Yeasty warm bread, melted butter
A smile from a fellow shopper
Erasing your focused frown 
(from trying to choose the least hard melon)
A morning, and evening hug
With a snuggle while you sleep
There's plenty
More, keep 
Celebrate your smiles
Time to up the ante
Kids smile 400 times/day
Adults only twenty

This is from the prompt (thank you Mary!) at

Please leave one of your favorite reasons to smile--c'mon get happy! :-)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not What She Sea-ms

Her liquidity is not in question
Nor her panache
The way she flashes light
Back at the sun
Moods that roll in waves
Or crest for the moon
Storms only thrill her
Splash-dancing crashing with thunder
A body that rocks the world
Never be lulled by her 
Mirror calm or
Turquoise beauty
A mere tectonic scrape 
Of her belly 
And her wrath is tsunamic

From the "water" prompt at

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In Need of Counseling

Hiking, teaching silly songs
Swimming, hugging
Righting wrongs
Tucking in and story time
Keeping six giggling girls
In line
Laughing at the weekly dance
Sneaking out for moonlit
Scenes that repeated
From Monday to Sun.
A summer full
Of counselor fun

This could also be titled "Earning College Living Expenses"  you do what you know and I knew camping...
From the prompt to write about "camp" at Poetic Asides

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Another one of life's
Sand creates smoothness
(Except in swimtrunks)
If there are 
Rough patches
Pit paper against patch
Grip it, slide it
Let that grit
Work for you 
Until you can
Find the smooth places
If all else fails
Sand was here
In the beginning
It will be here 
In the end
So pull out that worn
Deck chair
Lean back and wait
Sometimes life is
A Beach

From Open Link night at  Thx Tash :-)

Monday, June 4, 2012


My poem "How to Wake A Teenage Boy" was just accepted by "Errant Parent"

It will be posted on 7/4/12  come celebrate independence and poetry!

Joy--popping out all over...going a little nuts...:-)

Friday, June 1, 2012


Nuerons and heartbeat
For my words
While Cadmium Blue
And Vermillion pump

Eager fingers dip
Splash, slip, smear
While hips
And I hum in the 
Key of joy
Leaves me at a loss
For words
But my fingers
Are ready to sing

From the prompt "What does art mean to you?" at Poetry Jam

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


There is no peace
Only pieces of memories
Like shrapnel stuck
The hearts of those who saw
Friends fall and shatter
And after eighty years
There's still tears
At the memory
Men who gave their limbs,
Their lives
Their hearts, their minds
It isn't free

From the "Memorial" prompt at

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gone But Not Fur-gotten

Just a quick scratch
On the neck or back
Sunlight shares that
There's hundreds of hairs 
With dust motes they sashay
Then they gather and play
Across freshly swept floors
Completely ignor-
ing any efforts to remove,
Reduce or extinguish them
No matter the weapon
There's no win
Once this battle begins
It sticks to the broom
It clogs the vacuum
And someday when
Archaeologists exhume
The remains of this room
What they'll find there
Will be mounds of hair

In response to the "Hairy" prompt from Poetic Asides

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Just give me a canopy
Risers that spear the sky
Redwood preferably
Boughs splitting sunlight
Into prisms that carry
Dust motes, sparkly
Add chirps, breezes, sighs
With a patch of moss
To pillow my head, softly
Resting and testing words
Like how shadows play
Between the letters
From Z to A
Where I can shake my
Limbs freely
And create

From the prompt "Forest" at

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Appropriate, yes?
Turn the word Mom
Upside down and you
Get "Wow"
Wow, you worked full time
Cooked every night
Made our lunches every day
Cleaned, washed, mowed,
Trimmed, sewed
And late into the night
You danced
Because that is what
You taught at the college
But you taught so much 
How to bake, cook
Refinish furniture
Load a dishwasher
Pull the weeds
(by the roots or they come right back)
Balance accounts
And spend freely
Sing "She'll be Coming Around the Mountain"
How to, to, to
Do everything and
Still have energy to laugh
At silly jokes,
Wrap us in hugs everlasting
Grimace at messy rooms
And how to always, always, always
Look for silver linings

From the prompt at Thoughts about Mom

Check out Blogroll--Lara Britt's a genius

Hi Everyone!

Lara Britt took it upon herself to take everyone that participated in MNINB and put them in a series of "blogrolls"

I'm thrilled to be listed in the company of all this amazing talent.  Check out these sites--you'll be glad you did!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Warning

Inspired by "Pierre I Don't Care"--for Maurice Sendak, one of my favorite storytellers

When you say
I don't care
Be sure a lion
Is nowhere

This prompt was from to write a poem for Maurice based on his books

Atomic Love

Love so deep
Our atoms speak
Their own language
Breaths taken in time
To heartbeats
That pulse in the key
Of youandme
Hands that reach out
And know mine
The exact meeting place
In space
Where our fingers
And intertwine