Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Notes

"I'm sorry it fell off the sleigh
It will be delivered in about
Ten days"
Love Santa
"Your head was just to heavy
For me
So tomorrow you'll find
Your tooth money"
Love TF
Wait, let's not forget
When EB
Held closed the door
Then did flee
And when little girls
Woke with tangled hair
We blamed the
Tangle Fairy
For playing there
Traditions of magic
And silliness
Fill our memory
Treasure chest

Offered for Peggy's prompt at  All true--notes and imagination by yours truly (don't tell!) and things that my now grown up children laugh about every holiday.  Long live the magic :-)

Friday, December 6, 2013


Each word
A hand extended
A smile given
An insight shared
A piece of self bared
A connection
An inspiration
And like a child
At Christmas
I believe
And delight
In the light
Of  each word

This is offered for Poetry Jam for Mary's prompt to write about gifts.  I immediately thought of all the comments on my poetry and all the poems that the poetry community shares.  These are true gifts--they lift my spirits, inspire me, and keep me writing.  Thank you for keeping the light on.  :-)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fresh Faced

It hit
Filled me
From inhale
To fingernail
Fresh breeze
Straight up
Off the sea
One more rea-
I'll never
Salt free

This poem has been spilled on the bar at OLN  Had a rare day when the sun was out, the wind died down and I dined on some of the most delicious fresh ocean air, ever :-)  Cheers!