Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Fight to Write

Soon as I
Washing this pan
I can stir fry these vegetables
I bought while grocery shopping
Take those socks out of the dryer
I can put on my tennis shoes
Walk the dogs
Then do 20 minutes on the Elliptical
I stay healthy
Can go to work
That the electric bill gets paid
My laptop has power
I can write this poem

This is offered for the "Battle" prompt from Peggy at Poetry Jam and for Joe at OLN where he asked us about (snort, guffaw, choke) "balance" at  It's an every day battle for me, finding time to write.  The happy news (for me) is that I have been able to manage at least one day a week. :-)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Loved Not Lost

Put me deep into
Let me lose myself
And be inspired
By Bryce's sandstone spires
Yosemite's glacier
Carvings, sing
Sea songs
With the Pt. Reyes surf pounding
Out a backbeat
In front of me
Give me the Keys to drift
Lazy in aquamarine
While the full moon reflects
A path of peace
Across the twilight sea

This is offered for Mary's fun "Lost" prompt at and for Kim at Poets United who asked us to write about places we love.  And those are places where I lose my burdens and find myself again--:-)

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Philosophy Of Broken Bonds

That can shred a fingertip
Eling  slick when coated
But naked
A sliver drops
Skin sheds, flakes,
The mind chases itself
A stray black kitten
Trying to catch its tail
Seeking the ending
Or the beginning?
We circle our answers
And our wagons
Hope for safety
Yet know that
There's always oxidation
Those elements that
Betray us
The bonds snap when
There's something more
Attractive -
Positive or
That we can
Hitch our wagons to

This is offered for Laurie's prompt at Poetry Jam to write about rust and texture. (FE is the periodic table symbol for iron)  A very late night mindflow poem, not my usual flavor, but a little variety...don't want to get staid and...rusty :-)