Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Notes

"I'm sorry it fell off the sleigh
It will be delivered in about
Ten days"
Love Santa
"Your head was just to heavy
For me
So tomorrow you'll find
Your tooth money"
Love TF
Wait, let's not forget
When EB
Held closed the door
Then did flee
And when little girls
Woke with tangled hair
We blamed the
Tangle Fairy
For playing there
Traditions of magic
And silliness
Fill our memory
Treasure chest

Offered for Peggy's prompt at  All true--notes and imagination by yours truly (don't tell!) and things that my now grown up children laugh about every holiday.  Long live the magic :-)

Friday, December 6, 2013


Each word
A hand extended
A smile given
An insight shared
A piece of self bared
A connection
An inspiration
And like a child
At Christmas
I believe
And delight
In the light
Of  each word

This is offered for Poetry Jam for Mary's prompt to write about gifts.  I immediately thought of all the comments on my poetry and all the poems that the poetry community shares.  These are true gifts--they lift my spirits, inspire me, and keep me writing.  Thank you for keeping the light on.  :-)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fresh Faced

It hit
Filled me
From inhale
To fingernail
Fresh breeze
Straight up
Off the sea
One more rea-
I'll never
Salt free

This poem has been spilled on the bar at OLN  Had a rare day when the sun was out, the wind died down and I dined on some of the most delicious fresh ocean air, ever :-)  Cheers!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Free Verse

No aa bb cc's
Nor ee dd's
My eyes will glaze
I'll maybe drool
With flashbacks
Of Algebra, high school
Not visions of
Lovely poetry
And that's why
I gotta keep my
Verses free

A quick ditty for the prompt at Poetic Asides to write a poem with the title "Free ____."  I was reading a book on writing poetry by Mary Oliver and she was talking about patterns of aa bb cc--never been able to wrap my brain around that--an old Algebra injury...also shared with an early thankful toast at the bar for OLN with Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Lasting Memory

A Beautiful photo of Canyon De Chelly (pronounced Day Shay) by Peggy Goetz

Cottonwood flurries
Settled in drifts
Sunrise glow
Shimmered on cliffs
Canyon wren trill
The magic still
Makes me smile

This is offered for Peggy's prompt at Poetry Jam to write a poem 20 words or less, about "last." Her beautiful photo of Canyon De Chelly reminded me of a wonderful childhood memory..the last time that I was there, couldn't squeeze in how amazing it smelled, fresh stream, green willow...and the old Native American who stopped by our campsite selling hand beaded juniper seed necklaces, I still have it :-). Happy Weekend everyone!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Sometimes It Takes A Hammer

On a back road singing
Windows down
Breeze blowing
Broken by siren
Flashing lights, tears
Late to work
Almost fired
Woke and couldn't
Open mouth
Teeth impacted, pulled
Came home and fell
Into a dark hole
With no ladder
All boxes for
Perfect, happy life checked
Not happy
Nearly hospitalized
With bronchitis
Two car accidents
One botched burglary
She saw the light
Through the cracks
Shoved Perfect to the curb
Disappointed her parents
Quit her job
Started law school
Met her soul mate
And realized she'd rather go naked than
Wear the coat the world made for her*

This is written for the prompt from Mary at Poetry Jam with quotes from the book Two or Three things I Know for Sure by Dorothy Allison-- Dorothy's quotes spoke to me so strongly that I used one of them for the last two lines of my poem.  The other quote that spoke to me (and made me laugh) is "that change, when it comes cracks everything open."   Yes, it does...and sometimes you have to have cracks to see the light.. That was quite a year :-)  So here's to cracks and wearing what makes us happy ;-)  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Well Armed

Just two
Will do
Size "Me"
A chest press
Out with sad
In with glad
A warm shoulder
belong here"
Just firm enough to
Hold the weight of my
And let it fly
Away on a sigh
With a heart
That beats
Against my cheek
This was for Laurie's prompt at Poetry Jam to write about what brings us comfort. However, due to mobile posting--technical difficulties, it didn't post and so I decided to share it with my friends at Poets United--Poetry Pantry I love hugs they are always comforting--however my husband's hugs are healing--he can squeeze the sad right out of me :-)   I've missed everyone these past two weeks.  Hugs to everyone!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

When You Least Expect It

Its easy to miss
The steady hiss
Of gases poison-
Grief, Anger, Helplessness
Fill the skin
Till it becomes thin-
Explosion sudden potent
Creates a vacuum
Sucks the air out of
The room,
Her lungs and heart
Escaping barely in-
Return to darkness
And confusion
Shun of reconciliation
Moving through the day
Fragments of soul shattered
Clatter re-
Mind her of sorrow
Another night
Collapsing on her pillow
Yet, familiar fingers seek
And find
With cheek pressed to cheek
Warm breath whispers
Love, Apology
Tears soften broken edges
Allow her to
Stitch together the pieces
With a thread of hope

This is written for Poetry Pantry at Poets United, A bit of the dark side this week, but as MLK said  "Everything that is done in the world is done by hope" and as the Beatles say "All you need is love" :-). Wishing everyone a healthy dose of both this week.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Week of Stumbles

Little toes press to tippy toe walk
Moving before we can talk
Never seeing those dangers that stalk
Our steps, making us stumble
Falter, yet keep us humble
Years, tears, we reach and fumble
Seek joy, make sense of life's jumble

This is offered for Mary's prompt about steps--poetry; and for Poetic Bloomings form challenge to write a Saraband--really how could I resist that? And for who are honoring fellow poet Dave King, who passed away this week and I'm honoring my friend's son who at 19,  passed away last week after an inspirational life--he was born with a defect in his liver and survived 5 liver transplants.  Sigh.  Cherish the days and the people you love--I cherish all of you :-)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

It Remains To Be Seen

My hands wished to
Draw a leaf
Not words, with a pencil
No color, just graphite
Like a "B" or "2B"
Soft, to smudge
And glide
Not scratch the paper
I was striving for lush
Instead shadows eluded me
And I got bones
A leaf skeleton
It's not really finished
But I am
With the drawing
For now

For now
The drawing is finished
But, I am not really finished
It's a leaf skeleton
I got bones
Instead of shadows
That eluded me
I was striving for lush
Not to scratch the paper
And glide, soft to smudge
Like a "B" or "2B"
No color just graphite
A pencil, not words
To draw a leaf
Like my hands wished

This is offered for Laurie's intriguing prompt at poetry jam,, to write a poems and then rewrite it "backwards". I love cycles and refrains so I really wanted to do this.  I think I like the backwards version better (figures...).  Based on a true story, happened today.... 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Fight to Write

Soon as I
Washing this pan
I can stir fry these vegetables
I bought while grocery shopping
Take those socks out of the dryer
I can put on my tennis shoes
Walk the dogs
Then do 20 minutes on the Elliptical
I stay healthy
Can go to work
That the electric bill gets paid
My laptop has power
I can write this poem

This is offered for the "Battle" prompt from Peggy at Poetry Jam and for Joe at OLN where he asked us about (snort, guffaw, choke) "balance" at  It's an every day battle for me, finding time to write.  The happy news (for me) is that I have been able to manage at least one day a week. :-)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Loved Not Lost

Put me deep into
Let me lose myself
And be inspired
By Bryce's sandstone spires
Yosemite's glacier
Carvings, sing
Sea songs
With the Pt. Reyes surf pounding
Out a backbeat
In front of me
Give me the Keys to drift
Lazy in aquamarine
While the full moon reflects
A path of peace
Across the twilight sea

This is offered for Mary's fun "Lost" prompt at and for Kim at Poets United who asked us to write about places we love.  And those are places where I lose my burdens and find myself again--:-)

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Philosophy Of Broken Bonds

That can shred a fingertip
Eling  slick when coated
But naked
A sliver drops
Skin sheds, flakes,
The mind chases itself
A stray black kitten
Trying to catch its tail
Seeking the ending
Or the beginning?
We circle our answers
And our wagons
Hope for safety
Yet know that
There's always oxidation
Those elements that
Betray us
The bonds snap when
There's something more
Attractive -
Positive or
That we can
Hitch our wagons to

This is offered for Laurie's prompt at Poetry Jam to write about rust and texture. (FE is the periodic table symbol for iron)  A very late night mindflow poem, not my usual flavor, but a little variety...don't want to get staid and...rusty :-)

Friday, August 23, 2013

B is 4

B is for birthday cake and
Brian EVERywhere
A virtual comment ninja
He must warp time
It's the only way he could be
At every website I see
EVery singLe One
Faster than a speeding mouse
Click, he's there
Able to write every day
And visit everyone too
It's magic, it's talent
And I thank you

It's Brian's birthday and he challenged us to write a 55 word story/poem. I think this is more like a greeting card... it's the thought that counts right?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cut Outs

At dusk
Shoulders pressed against
The creased bark of an oak tree
Become a singularity
No longer 3D
Simple cut outs
Against the sky
Arms branching
Toes rooted
In the softness
Of the night

This is offered for OLN at  My science background won't let me just leave the misuse of singularity alone.. It was a fun word to play with, as in "becoming one with the tree"..clearly not really a singularity ;-)    Inspired by warm summer nights when you notice how the light can shift reality. :-)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sweet Nothings

Billions of voices
Rise into the stratosphere
Yet in that thin air
They all disappear
The cries, speeches,
Laughter, shrieks
Stretch, flatten into
Mere wisps floating in
The abyss of dark space
Perhaps a star or comet
Might snag a vowel
Or consonant and keep it
Hanging by its stem or
Snuggled in its orbit
Humming sweet nothings
In harmony
With the uni-verse

A poem prompted by Mary's invitation at Poetry Jam to write a poem inspired by Simon and Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence" a song that has always inspired me with it's amazing words "like silent raindrops fell"  but always left me with a sense of deep sadness "ten thousand people...people writing songs that voices never shared..."   So, started in one direction ended up in another...:-)  Enjoy!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Some Days I just Wonder

Able to jump three weeks of laundry
In a single bound
Grocery shop, make meals
And scream without a sound
Help with homework
Help find sneakers
Help clean messes
Help wipe tears
Help at school
And Help keep peace
Won't someone
Help her, please?

For Poetry Jam at, Brian asked us to write about a superhero—flashed back to when the kids were small and my man and I were working 60 hours, barely finding time to breathe. Plus, I've always loved that name “Wonderwoman” :-)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sky Secrets

The sky split
And spilt
All the secret flavors
It had been holding
Streams of peach, tangerine
Across the hori(sun)
Then released a golden glowing drop
Of honey
That splashed into the sea
Leaving a rosy sky
Lavender clouds
And the taste of delight
On our tongues

Hope y'all aren't tired of sunsets ;-)--this was another prompt from the beach inspired month at Poetic Bloomings to write about a sunset.  Also shared with OLN at where the sun never sets ...both photos are by yours truly, feel free to share

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Spaces Inbetween

Paint me a mosaic
Shadowed wavelets in a row
In the spaces inbetween
The sun's afterglow
Make it molten flow-
Copper, silver sheet
Then slip it here
Inside my heart
Where it can softly

This is offered for Poets United Poetry Pantry where I swim with and am inspired by my fellow poets, and Poetic Bloomings prompt of "waves" a month of beach related poems, come splash around :-)  PS I took the photo on an evening in Florida Bay, loved the patterns and molten feel of it

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mr. Hot Stuff

Half-closed eyes
See me, sear me
Then the walk
Samba slide
Confident glide
Makes me too hot
To be quenched by anything
But a cool dip into you

Peggy at Poetry Jam asked us to write about something hot.  Summer here is inspiration enough, but a recent trip to Napa with my husband won out...happy weekend everyone!

Friday, July 12, 2013


Blue, blue, blue
beat, beat, beat
scurry, scurry, scurry
Of tiny, tiny feet

Moving in and out and out and in
And in and out again
Like a winged accordion
Playing tidal rhythm
Beat, beat, beat
With their tiny, tiny feet

This is offered for Mary's bird prompt at Poetry Jam and for Poetic Bloomings "A Day at the Beach" to write an abstract poem which means (loosely) it's more about sound than meaning of words. Flock behavior fascinates me and Sanderlings always make me smile the way they race along the tidal edge together.  Enjoy!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

With A Cherry on Top

Make it deep and dark
Creamy soft
To dip a digit
In and swirl
A whirl of pleasure
And anticipation
At my fingertip

This is offered up for Alan's delicious prompt at about glorious ice cream confections and "what would you top with a cherry?"  Melted chocolate, chocolate frosting, chocolate mousse, ganache--you get the idea..short and sweet.  Enjoy!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Grit and Bold-her

Boulders tumble crash
Crumble into substrata
Sends daisies rooting for joy

Seger me like a rock
Stone some Brown Sugar baby
Shake, swing, rockin' on-no rocker
For me ever

Offered for the rock-in prompt offered by Peggy at There were so many ways I wanted to go with this! and then Sam at solved the problem with a sedoka. As usual I stretched the rules a little:-)  In case you don't know Bob Seger here's a link:

Monday, June 17, 2013

Flame On

A leaf-
Sickle shaped
Two curls apically
Unfurl to be
Feathered fans, pinnately
And in between
The green
Buds that burst
Into flame
Growing, glowing
Day by day
Creating a blazing crown
Temporary In rain or breeze
Flowers flee
Then layer the ground
A flaming tapestry

Offered for Mary's wonderful prompt about one of my favorite things--Flowers!  Right now is Poinciana or Flamboyant blooming season.  Its spectacular, a canopy of brilliant red, yellow and orange.  Also shared on the shelf of Poetry Pantry at Poets United Have a blooming wonderful week :-)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Best Birthday Present

He let me hang
On his tall, lean frame
Long enough to
Press my face into
His soft T-shirt
And feel the hard muscle
Long enough to
Connect Heart to heart
And block
The tears attempting escape
To release and meet his eyes
With a smile
In the kitchen
Words crossed his lips
That six months ago
Would never have formed In his brain
"I envy the space in your kitchen"
The visit brief
He was heading to his
Brother's apartment
A night of video games
And Taco Bell
At the door, a quick squeeze
From me
But, he held on
Long enough
To let me know
He missed me too

My youngest came home from college for my birthday.  Haven't seen him in six months. It was wonderful--he's doing well and doing dishes without being told ;-). Offered at the OLN where we're to toasting 100 weeks! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wish You Were Here

Dear Sara,
Having a Wonderful Time!
The food in Italy-sublime
And Norway-your cousin Hans-sweet
New Zealand climbed peaks, saw sheep
Spain loving the tapas and wine
Costa Rica, had a blast on the zip line
Rode great rapids in North Carolina
Now Virgin Islands digging my toes in sugar sand and
Amazed at the turquoise hue of the sea
Don't you wish you were me?

Written for Poetry Jam at where Laurie invites us to go on vacation! (in 15 lines or less) and OLN at This is my bucket list--enjoyed by some fictional character, thought it would be a fun way to twist the prompt. Happy Days :-)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Two Words

Good bye from godbwye (1570s), itself a contraction of God be with ye (late 14c.), influenced by good day, good evening

If it doesn't fit
Or causes me strife
Shortens my life
Those two words
Come easily
But to those I
Love and hold dear
I'm loathe to either
Say or hear
Those two words

Thought I might get inspired by the etymology, (love that stuff) but didn't happen...amazing how much emotion is in those two words! And then there's  kids saying goodbye to classes :-) Whooo Hooo!  Written for the prompt of "Goodbye" at Poetry Jam and shared with Poetry Pantry at Poets United poetry 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Soul Full

Ruby red slippers
Will get you home
Shiny glass slippers
Get you a throne
But lately I find
A closed toe shoe
Puts me into a bind
My feet demand
The open air
Perhaps soft grass and sand
Untie those laces
Forget the traces
Of propriety
Loosen your clothes
Wriggle your toes
And be barefootin' free

For Peggy's foot-stompin' prompt to write about shoes at Poetry Jam, at first there was no spark or idea, probably because I'm happiest in bare feet, or if I must, sandals. Then Dorothy and Cinderella came to the rescue :-) Have a Great Weekend!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stardust Memories

If the night is crystal clear
Lie back
And try to hear
The empty thoughts
Between the matter
Exploded and exposed
Flung like a spangled net
Sparkling in the sky
Mirror the twinkling
In your eyes
And remember
That you are
A star

Hello! I have been missing all of you and your poetry.  Life is finally settling back to normal, or this new variation of it.  Written for Poetry Jam where Mary invited us to write about crystals-and posted one of my very favorite songs :-) and for Poetry Pantry poetry originally inspired by Kim's Wednesday prompt about our place in the universe, but couldn't get there before link closed.  Star thoughts courtesy of Neil Degrasse Tyson, and my son who made me listen to Neil's talk about why we are all linked to stars.  A lovely thought.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Be Free

Fumbling with attachments
Bumbling blood relations
Makes you dread kin
When they inspire
Such ire
A blood feud?
Let it R.I.P.
In spite of the sting
From pulling
Do it quickly
Sometimes that's
How it has
To be

Not biographical, just my evil twin muse tiring of a month of daily visits to the hospital and rehab.  Fortunately we are finally seeing some light. Offered up for Trifecta challenge of writing about blood as in "kin" at and for Laurie's bee-utiful prompt at Poetry Jam

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wayward Sun

Beautiful beamer
Send a streamer
Help us to piece
To seize
These days
Rays us
Beyond these clouds
Of  hopelessness
This mess
Melt the fight
Show us the light
The way
To a brighter day

A very timely prompt for me, and society, from Poetry Jam, "Carry On"  (whoops, just found out that was last week! However, this week is "Soak" and this is a sun soaked poem, so I'm sharing it with the wonder-ful poets at mind automatically went to the song by Kansas--"Carry On My Wayward Son". Hence the title :-)  Enjoy, hope that it lightens your heart a bit <3

Monday, April 29, 2013

Washed Away

Blow some soft rain
My way
Drip into
My soul
Smooth the edges
Blur the consequences
Leave the taste of nothing
On my tongue

Two weeks ago my father-in-law fell, hard-broke a lot of bones and has been hospitalized—recovering now. He's a strong guy, and recovering well—but days in hospitals and staring mortality in the face, wrings my heart out. The rains of the tropics—warm and soft, starting up now—feel like hope, and made me think of washing all this emotion away...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

So-not (a sonnet)

I suck at sonnets, a fact--nearly a law
The rhythm's off the subject wrong
My fellows grunt a hearty guffaw
At the herky jerky writing stumbling along
A poem alas, to make women swoon
Or at least give rise to smile
Makes me appear instead a buffoon
And the woman promptly revile
Each word, phrase, and feeble attempt
To woo, with phrase elegant
Results in words, at best unkempt
I should be able, but I can't
Magic I have for love and fun
But for sonnets, I have none

It's true, I do, suck at sonnets. However, it seemed the perfect time to write one in the voice of a fictional character (I pictured some sonnet-challenged boy fairy in A Midsummer Night's Dream) thanks to Peggy's wonderful prompt at Poetry Jam and the sonnet for Day 11 of Poetic Asides (yes, I am Very behind) :-)

Friday, April 12, 2013

In Case of Broken ___

In Case of Broken Dreams
Open case
Tie each piece
Gently, tenderly
To a colorful kite tail
And release

In Case of Broken Window

In Case of Broken Ground
Scoop a soft space
Seeds, fragrant is best
Water well
And rest

The Poetic Asides Poem A Day prompt yesterday was "In Case of ____"  the prompt today is to write a Broken poem--they just seemed to fit so well together (irony, broken and fitting, or maybe not...)  These were like chips, couldn't write just one ;-)  Enjoy!
. Shared with Poets United Poetry Pantry where dreams have a happy home

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pocket Poems


Pockets are meant
For storing
Not keeping
Do not blame me
When your keys go

As the resident goddess of laundry, I have little—no patience for people who don't check their pockets before chucking their clothes in the basket.   Shared with Poetry Jam, where Laurie inspired us with pockets full of poetry  and also sharing with pockets of poets at OLN :-)

Feline the Blank

Feline exclamation
Vegetable combination
Popular in the Depression
Fun alliteration
Unclear why it's suffering

Yes I was/am a huge fan of Looney Tunes and Tweety Bird, loved how he said “putty tat” :-) Poetic Asides prompt--suffering

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Two Days

String Together a Sevenling

String words
Together in a
Tercet, no, two

With a single
Punchline ending
About almost anything

That's how you write a Sevenling

Two prompts in one—write a Sevenling form poem and write an instructional poem ;-) Enjoy.
(Wrote the Sevenling this way before I saw the second prompt—Serendipity!) :-)


She dances on the edges
Hunts recognition
Wishes for popularity
But actually
Senses, if wishes
Were granted
She'd become the hunted

Don't know where this came from—channeling teen angst--Poetic Asides prompt, write a poem with hunts and hunted...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Poetry Overload

Hold Onto Iron Knee

Sculpt me a man
Brawn's what I want
No, not marble
May sway some
Sculpted calf, thigh
But I want my man
Molded in fire
Polished and gleaming
(get my meaning?)

Very very late in my postings—behind in my poem a day—this was written for day 4 Poem a Day, prompt “Hold Onto ____) and then I saw that was writing about irony...and, wordplay took over—can you find the word with double-meaning?

Two Dog Night

Had one dog
Added one more
One for the floor
Plus one at my feet

True—got two, a big hairy (husky mix) dog and small fluffy (not shedding thank you!) dog—both rescues. Love multiplied, not just added and laughter too-- Poem A Day-Write a “Plus” poem

Stamp It

No more missives
Perfect pen between
My fingers
Tip-tap send
Email, tweet or FB
That's the only post
For me

Never thought I'd see the day. I passionately loved pens and stationery. Would spend so much time selecting the perfect pen to write. And now, I'm fully in the electronic age. Use pens to scribble, not “write.” sigh. Do love the ease of it all, though. Poem a Day, write a “Post” poem

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Light Hunting

The sun creeps
On kitten toes
The darkness
Spooks and
Spills a ray
Along the horizon
Waits for songbirds
To ease solitude
Then leaps
Into the pines

Day three (Whee!) of Poetic Asides--writing a tentative poem.  Several false starts, but I think this one is fun :-)  Just for grins, I'm sharing with Poets United, where Kim has offered up "body" never thought about so many types--and since I used a kitten analogy to em-body the sun, I'm sharing there too

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dark Matter

Called to say,
“I'm taking a break”
She didn't know
(or maybe she did)
The break was more
Than meta-
Physical-a crack
In the glass round his
Vitreous anticipation
Shimmer to shatter
Tried to be light
In vain
The dark discovers

Day 2 of Poem A Day with Robert Brewer-Poetic Asides; also offered for the prompt from Alan who had some rocking music, with great lyrics-Crack in the Castle of Glass, at Poetry Jam

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Two-fer

Line and Sink-her

Sail me

He and Me-MT

In this place
We can breathe
Each other's
And only have
To clean
Up our own

I'm participating in Poem A Day, where all my poetic bliss started, at Poetic Asides and Robert Brewer who first threw out that challenge and for whom I am forever thankful.  The prompt today is:
New Arrivals--the first poem, inspired by my tendency to be too trusting, and the second inspired by my husband's and my fledgling empty nest status ;-)    Enjoy!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Past, Future, Present

By H. N. Vinas

We always seem to live in the future and the past
When the past is something to be learned from
Not held on to
And the future is coming at us
At an exponential rate
Let's just live in the present
Enjoy, improve, and love
The very moment
We are in
We are luckier than
We think we are
To be here
In this moment
In this point of time
Than we realize

A little guest blogging today--My oldest son loves quotes--he showed this to me the other day and I thought it was something he'd gotten from the internet--then he told me he'd written it for a friend who was feeling down!  Well, color me "Proud Mama!"  So, I had to share. ;-)  This is offered for Poets United Poetry Pantry, where every poem is a present.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

License to Love

Sun setting
On me and the day
Focused on HOME
When a license plate
Appears ahead
Smile replaces
A grim line
Joy peeks out
Is driving this
A car that's lost
It's gloss
Model type
(of course)
And the intrepid
Guessing a teen
Most likely female
A beautiful man
Mahogany statue
Focused forward
Perfect angles
and planes on his face
Smooth, burnished
Reflecting setting sun
His window down
I reach to press the
Open my window
Speak across the space
"Bless You Too!"
But the light has
Changed and
Must turn
(still smiling)

Of course true story--I can't make this stuff up--I love that when people put love on their license plates. Pulls me out of my "DRIVE" mode and makes me smile.  This is offered for Poetry Jam, where Peggy asks us write about "reflections", thank you Peggy!! and also was going to be offered to Poets United where Kim had suggested for Wednesday a reaction, but I missed the deadline, However, I'm going to take a stretch here, since this was inspired by an object, to link up with Dversepoets (because I love y'all) and go with positive capability, because that's the way I like to roll, at all :-)

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Stone's Throw

From no cooperat-
A continuing obligat-
Of your business
A lodestone
That's never unloaded
The end may be
A stone's throw
But the wait
Holds you down
Nose to the grindstone

This is thanks to De from Whimsygizmo, who suggested that I might "rock" this prompt from Trifecta (making a little pun there, De?) ;-)  Also sharing this (Sunday) with a place that I definitely share some chemistry Poets United  The prompt is to write a 33 word poem using the word "stone" they chose stone from the third element in the periodic table "Lithium," hence my fun with the word "ion."  Unfortunately, based on true frustration--we have our own business, my husband's been out of town for 4 days and right when he landed and was about to come home, (where I was waiting with wine and hopes of relaxing outside) crisis struck and he had to go to the office--sigh.  However, there's always a bright side, I had time to write a poem! :-) P.S. Sunday, got my wine, hubby and sunset fix (not necessarily in that order...)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In a Wink

He flashed
A wink
That ellipti-
Promise of a kiss
or More
Shaft of passion
Tracks straight to my
Strong and sure
Don't ever want
a Cure

This was written for the prompt at Poetry Jam, to write about a prism, and for Kim's prompt to write about a cure at Poets United, had a great idea to write about curing hatred, but then my husband winked at me, and here we are. Never been able to resist his winks. ;-) Also shared with Open Link Night, where winking is encouraged.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bubbling In Spaces

Artist Ken Waterstreet

Sparkling prismatic puffs
Breathe out and make magic
No logic just
Reflections, rainbows
And a grin
Blown into existence
Holding space
Like dancing leap
And then
Dissolving into

This poem is for Poetry Jam who asked us to write a poem about logic, there is no logic to how blowing bubbles appeals to any age--it's magic! And Poets United who asked for a poem about patterns. Bubbles create wonderful patterns.  This is a painting by a friend of mine--he was also my high school art teacher.  His paintings are amazing, lush and wonderful.  Check him out at

Monday, February 18, 2013

Where The Heart Is

The pink hibiscus tree
Was so small
And now it's not
At all
Instead brick
That glows in
Pink time
Painted on the
Pavers and pond
Spread by setting sun
So thick feels
Like you can breathe
It in
Star gazing
Fish catching
Friends laughing
Trees and children
Grow towards the sky
Or just the wind
Shaping smiles on the pond
Dorothy had it right
Home is Oz-some

Okay, so she didn't say that :-)  Was in my head when I woke up this morning and it made me laugh, hope you get a grin from it too. 25 years in one place, nearly all of it renovated by now (except that one bathroom off the kitchen...). Love looking out the kitchen window at the pond (photo is my view).  We were married here, tons of kid birthdays, etc. Lots of memories, and 3 hurricanes where the landscape was debris, and not so pretty.  Mary at dversepoets, asked us to describe one of our favorite places and this is definitely one of mine. Also shared with my friends at Poets United Poetry Pantry,

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lover's Leap

Perhaps I felt
The fractures
And when he
Got that job offer
Three thousand miles
From everything/one
I loved
Closed my eyes
And leapt
Tried to
Keep together
But not enough
Of me survived
The trip

This is tale of sacrifice for commitment-my na├»ve move to Florida from the Golden State of California, for my then husband, thinking things would be fine—left best job, best friends, best weather for worst job, no friends and awful weather. But I stayed, because I did eventually find love...(and a good job and good friends...) offered up for the prompt of Sacrifice at Poetry Jam, Laurie's first night (yay Laurie!) and for prompt of Committed at Poets United (yay Kim!) (felt like I should be committed after I moved to FL) and also shared with OLN at where we are all committed to sharing :-)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yes I Am

They said
You acted like a kid
I laughed and answered
Yes, I did!
I want to live joyously
I’ll oooh and ahhh
I’ll laugh out loud
Skip and play
No matter what
Other people say
I’ll lick my fingers
If they’re sweet
And smile at everyone
I meet
I’ll hug my friends
Squeeze them tight
And shout in delight
At the stars at night
I’ll spin spin spin spin
Till I’m dizzy and fall
And not care
What anyone thinks
At all

This is offered for Poetic Bloomings where they asked us to write a silly poem--it was supposed to be for a child, but hey, we all are children at heart!...and for Poetry Jam where Mary asked us to write a "yes or no" poem :-) The answer is Yes!! and...for a shot of Yes at the bar with dversepoets at Open Link Night-Cheers!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Second Thoughts

Magnificent Photo by Peggy Goetz

have tasted the wind
And pounded wild grass
Into submission
And heard a frisky mare
Next to my pen
While finishing my oats ration
You think you want to
Saddle me?
Think again...

This is offered up for the prompt from Poetry Jam, where Peggy asks us to write from an animal's point of view and provided this photo that inspired me on the spot! Thank you Peggy :-)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bird Brain

When you're raised
With the smell of leather case
Snap of latch, and cold, hard metal
Of binoculars
Dog-eared bird books
As company in the back seat
Wonder surrounding all things avian
Is not questioned, it's like breathing

A reflex
To check a flash of feather
Pause and peer
Through light and leaves
Find that bird shape
Check markings and
Mentally file for
Later identification

Most are known
Deposited during decades
Of watching parents point
And classify

Blue jay, Scrub jay, Stellar's jay
Mockingbird, Bushtit,
Yellow rumped warbler,
Tennessee warbler,
Red bellied woodpecker,
Downy Woodpecker,
Red tailed, Red shouldered,
Or Cooper's Hawks

My feet automatically stop
To watch any flock
Fly overhead
Shifting from shadow
To white or color

It's a love forever
Nested in my heart

This is written for the prompt at Poetic Bloomings  to write about a bird--With parents as birders, that is near impossible.  They are all wonderful to me and every time I see one, it makes my heart lift. Also shared for OLN at, I'm a bit early, but the early bird....:-)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Cold Truth

Blame it on the
Or hot chocolate

Arrived at school early
Frozen from the walk
Left for 7-11 and
Hot choc-
olate  (ah!)

Returned on time
But didn't hear the crack
Of the infrac-

Called from class
And was blas-
ted for breaking a rule
I never knew

Lunch break
Serving time
Elbow to elbow
With twenty or so
Trouble makers
Rule breakers
In front of Administration
Public humiliation
Was the goal

Instead, learned breaking
Didn't kill me
Actually fairly arbitrary

Fear of breaking rules
Forever Brok-

8th grade there was a rule that once you were on campus you had to stay. Didn't know that:-)  Really was a life changing moment. Even though I'd never done anything wrong, they treated me like I was a "bad kid" which really rankled my sense of injustice-- and then making us stand in a line, was ridiculous--and I didn't die...been breaking rules ever since...thank you to Dani at Poetry Jam for the excellent prompt to write about breaking rules!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wind Blown

When the wind
Through that
Sent that
From long
Made you
der, wist-
Full of dreams
Did they go?

A little melon-choly muse today. Got into some wordplay and here's where we ended up. Offered to Poetry Jam for “Danger” with quotes of the danger of not taking chances, and Poets United for Wonder for our favorite place—already wrote about that with my last poem, didn't want to raise your sodium level too high--so slid in a little wondering over lost dreams instead.   

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Southern Comfort

Slow Southern
And sleep
Between sheets
Of star-sprinkled

This is offered for Poetry Pantry--watching the wintry weather, thought I'd offer up a little warmth from the tropics--Enjoy!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Left for Good

Decades of mirrored reflections
My words unworthy
Shattered in a day
A click, a post, a blog
A comment
Twenty-twelve the year
Not good enough
Was left
So I could write

This is offered up for the prompt at Poetry Jam by Peggy who asks us to write about what was left behind in 2012. This was difficult, almost gave up and then when walking the dogs, realized 2012 was the year I started my blog, started visiting poetry jam, poets united, and dverse poets. Starting a blog was a real leap of faith for me—thank you for helping me to leave “Not Good Enough” behind. Also, tied in a little reflection for the prompt at Wonder Wednesday where Kim asked us to write about reflections. Sometimes the mirror tells lies....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good Grief

I bought cleaning products
And a coffee maker
Trash bags, toilet paper
Paper towels and
Bath towels
He knew how to clean
Just not with what
Loaded that 16 ft truck
Dad drove it
Mom followed it
For four hours
Until arrived in darkness
Hefted and hauled
Piling boxes, furniture in
His (really?) apartment
Of course he was on
The second floor
Cut himself on the ill-
Maintained door
Down to last and heaviest
Thing, my heart?
No-his mattress
Always thought I'd be
The exception
Glad hearted at the leaving
Instead, heart is grieving
Yet, it's what I wished for
A whole new world
For him to explore

Offered up tonight for Open Link Night at—true story, Saturday moved my youngest son into his own apartment, where he'll finish school. Loved moving out when I went to school, figured I'd be able to channel that—wrong. Hard to let go and watch the struggle, but so necessary. Hence the title.  Someone hit his car, the water was turned off, the cable doesn't work, the landlord broke promises about internet access, and there was a whole greeting committee of roaches...reality via fire hose. :-) Cheers!