Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Pebble for Your Thoughts

It drops
A pebble thought
Spinning circles through
This fractured heart
Some pieces cannot
Be pushed together
Magnetic poles in
Opposition pushing
Away the tethers
That used to bind
Yet my mind
Stubbornly tries
To find
Where the pieces
Might fit
Wonders why
The shapes changed
Won't accept that
Some things
Can't be explained
And the pebbles
Keep falling
Like the rain

This is offered for Alan's prompt at Poetry Jam to write about pebbles. (I love pebbles!) It's also inspired by last week's prompt to write about something broken.  I have a hard time letting go of things I love--that have broken--picture frames with a favorite photo, a missing earring from a favorite pair, friendships that for one reason or another ship-wreck.  I don't pursue the friendship once it's gone, but my brain seems to get stuck sometimes trying to sort out what happened...Hope that you're on happier thoughts today and that it's a lovely week :-)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Floating Phrases

Most days
I am a jellyfish
Trailing tentacles
Trying to trap
Tidbits, phrases
That feed my soul
Currents frequently
My efforts
Sweeping a tasty verb
Or adjective
Into the depths
And in the Euphotic zone
We live for the light
Wishing for
A taste of
Something deeper

This is offered for Poetry Pantry at Poets United This image of a jellyfish capturing words with its tentacles has been rolling around my mind all week.  Feels good to finally release it :-).   The Euphotic zone is the part of the ocean where most of the creatures live, warm and well lit. Like my poetic voice which is usually light, yet intrigued by the darkness...

Be Your Own Starch, or Madlibs In The Treez (An Oulipo)

If a Palo front waves
Will young bucks wave back?
Or just nod at
Wawaskeesh slapping their palominos
On the sandarac
There's a gralloch of tuxilline
In the seal
And weakfish rarely see ita
Spending timid wishing on starch
But its timid to be your own starch
Light your own pathogen through
The trefs
And remember to wave
At palominos on the Wayne
(Evictees need a front)

This is offered for Victoria's prompt at dVersePoets to write an Oulipo. You take an existing poem and for every noun you replace it with a noun that is the 7th noun next in the dictionary. I've been writing and nothing has really jelled, so this is a good way to play.  :-). Happy weekend!!

Here's the definitions:

Palo (a town in Iowa)
Wawaskeesh (Indian name)
Sandarac (resin from a North African tree, genus Tetraclinus)
Gralloch (entrails of a dead deer--erk!)
Truxilline (alkaloid in cocoa)
Weakfish (any fish that has a tender mouth in North America)
Ita (a palm tree)
Tref (a hamlet in Britain from the pre-Saxon era)
Wayne ( occupational surname for a cartwright, cart builder)
Evictees (people who have been forced to leave their home)
Palominos (horses with golden colored coat on their bodies and a creamy mane and tail)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Little Light Poetry

Luna was fully aglow
And roll-
ing in
Pillows of cumulo-
Playing now you
See me
Now you don't
While the sea
Restlessly shook
Her shoulders
For the light
To drape
Her diamonds
Down her chest
Let sparkles
Dance across
Her breast

A little sea poetry for Peggy at, I had been waiting for the right prompt to use that image of the full moon. She was playing the other night, when I drove home, with the storm clouds. Lighting them up and then disappearing--it looked to me like she was rolling around and having fun 😊 Happy Wednesday!

Friday, September 5, 2014

A Part

Wikipedia. Rodin The Kiss 1889

We're a pair
The fit of fingers
Knuckles, hip, shoulder
Molded for each other
Or maybe it's from
Years of wear, snuggling
Except it's always
Felt like finding my
Matching puzzle piece
Could almost hear the "click"
When my hand slipped into yours
And when you leave there's
In my day, heart, bed
That one kiss goodbye
Is never enough to keep away
Sigh filled skies
So hold me as tightly
As I do you
Both arms, pressed against
My flesh
And carry the memory
The feel of that moment
Until our lips meet again

This is offered for Bill Webb's prompt at Dverse Poets,, who challenged us to write real as Rilke wrote to a young poet. “write about what your everyday life offers you; describe your sorrows and desires, the thoughts that pass through your mind and your belief in some kind of beauty Describe all these with heartfelt, silent, humble sincerity and, when you express yourself, use the Things around you, the images from your dreams, and the objects that you remember.” He also suggested that we look at Rodin and I was inspired by the sculpture of The Kiss.  It appears to me, that the woman has a more passionate hold, both arms around his neck.  Though perhaps if the man lifted his back arm, they'd fall over...anyway, my husband's been traveling a lot and so that's my Rilke every day reality.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Be Your Own Star

If a palm frond waves
Will you wave back?
Or just nod at
Waves slapping their palms
On the sand
There's a grain of truth
In the seas
And we rarely see it
Spending time wishing on stars
But its time to be your own star
Light your path through
The trees
And remember to wave
At palms on the way
( Everyone needs a frond...)

This is offered for Sumana's prompt to write about a path at Poetry Jam, and for Dverse Poets where Victoria asked us to write a poem with patterns, I was playing with homonyms. As you can see from the poem, I was just playing in general... a wordplay that took on a life of it's own.  Happy Friday everyone!! :-)

Friday, August 1, 2014


It is an ordinary
Ink and a container
To keep my fingers
From getting blue
(though they still do)
It holds all dreams
And fears
Just by pressing
Pen to paper
Releases my words
To the world
Laying on the table
Or desk
It could be a stick
But in fact
It's filled with magic

This is offered for Peggy's prompt at Poetry Jam to write about something ordinary.  I write a lot of poetry on my electronic tablet, but I love the flow of pen and paper, scratching things out, rearranging.  It feels like magic.  Happy Weekend!

Don't B Flat

The bluesman wailed under a swaying moon
The Ice Queen sipped the sound
Her tongue was sliced by C Sharp
But no blood was found
Melody flew through her lips
Then was consumed
By the sun
Of beat
Bounced off the trees
Who boughed and shook
Their shiny leaves
Willow gave a shimmy shake
Left musical leaf notes
In her wake
Breezling fingers flew
Music that
Tasted green
And that old man
Couldn't stop clapping

This is offered for Claudia's prompt at Dverse Poets to write a fantasy story using certain characters--I used Ice Queen, Bluesman and a man who couldn't stop clapping.  This started as a response to Anthony's prompt last week to write a DMT dream type poem, but I was too late to link.  Really enjoyed blending the two. Hope you do too :-)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Taste of Special

Always a half
Served as he decompressed
From the day
Creamy yellow green flesh
With salt and a lemon squeeze
My sister and I
Little birds
Perched near
Begged for
A bite
With surgical precision
He'd slice a small sliver
And deliver it
Like the rarest of delicacies
To our open mouths
Butter soft and rich
Tang and salt
Dawn barely bright
We sat at the speckled
Orange Formica table
Grandpa sipping coffee
Me poised for the moment
His large fingers
Pinched a sugar cube
Like a magician
He held it above steaming
Dark brew
Liquid climbed
Into pure white crystals
Turning them
Toasty brown
At the half way point
He'd pop it in my mouth
A hot crumbled crunch
Sweet so strong it
My teeth complained
But tempered with
Warm roasty coffee...

This offered for Poetry Pantry at Poets United  Not sure why these memories were rolling around my head this morning while I washed the dishes.  Guess just the thought of how special we felt to share in the treat--evening avocado with my dad and sugar cube dunked in coffee with my Grandpa--  Anyone else have these types of memories? :-)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

There's No Good Time

Touch down, drive
Drag suitcases in
Release dog
At water waddling down the hall
It impregnated the baseboards
Partied under the floors
Splashed in a self made kiddie pool (utility room)
Too few towels to take him down
So the jaws of unknown damage
Gape and snap in your dreams
That spill into a morning
Baseboards ripped
Drywall slaughtered
Then the incessant drone 
Hulking, loud fan warriors
Blowing death and dryness
At the liquid 
In the walls

This is offered up for the very timely prompt by Gabriella, at Poetry Jam, to write about the unexpected.  Came home 11:30 Wednesday night after a nine day trip to find the water heater had rusted out and flooded the house.  Fortunately, only the hall and bedrooms.  And with all the kids being gone, very little furniture damage. Feeling lucky actually.  Hope everyone else had happier surprises. :-) 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Whirled Peas

I'm waiting for non-
judgment day
Where " I love you"
Is what we say
Differences, idiosynch-

We'll dance among the
Share whirled peas
Sip humani-

Life could be
So trouble free
If we'd embrace
Our common-
And imagine the

This is offered for Peggy's prompt at Poetry Jam to write about an impossible place.  With all the violence and anger lately, this seems pretty remote, however, I like to think that with hope all things are possible.  Happy weekend :-)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stranded Without A Passport

Stranded without a passport
Thirsty for deep blue
But my boat don't have a paddle
So I can't get back to you
If only I'd remembered
While packing my swim trunks
I'd be snorkeling with my baby
'Stead of hanging out with drunks
So pretty please Mister Overnight Courier
Make sure that you deliver
That little document I need
To reach my baby, at full speed
Then I'll be deep in ocean
Never, ever have to be dry
And me and my baby
Won't no more say goodbye

This was written for Alan's prompt about being thirsty at Poetry Jam, and believe it or not, based on a true story.  Just last weekend...and the title came from our friend's comment after his ordeal.  May you never be stranded without your passport and may your thirst be easily quenched.  Cheers!  Happy 4th everyone! :-)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Virtual Touring the Blogland

Hi!  Something a little different--decided to support some fellow bloggers who I know and enjoy.

The first is one who I have "known" virtually for quite some time--Janet Rice Carnahan a fellow poet and artist--and in this process I have found out so much more!  Anyway, she was kind enough to invite me to the tour:
Here she is by one of my favorite places :-)

Here's her bio:
Janet Rice Carnahan, currently living in Southern California, finds her inspiration in nature’s beauty every chance she gets.  Her poetry has been published online in “Jellyfish Whispers”, “Pryokinection”, “Camel Saloon”, “Three Line Poetry”, and “The Mind{less} Muse”.  Two of Janet’s poems were selected for the anthology, “Storm Cycle: The Best of 2013” through “Kind of a Hurricane Press”.  She also contributed poetry to two other anthologies, “Backlit Barbell” and “Prompted: An International Collection of Poems”, where she also received credit for the cover photo and caption.  On her website, Hear Earth Heart, she has self-published four poetry books, “Shadows in the Sanctuary”, “Into the Inner Path”, “The Cosmic Highway” and “Hear Earth Heart, a series of haikus”.

and here's her blog:  she has had an amazing journey and her poems are absolutely wonderful--so please stop by for a visit--you will be glad you did :-)

Part of the process is that I have to answer some questions--I'm feeling a little slumber-partyish about this...

1. What am I currently working on?  
Currently, I'm working on trying to write one poem a week, and visit as many of my fellow poets as possible. I'm also working on my tan, my balance and becoming more graceful in yoga. And breathing as much sea air as possible. 2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Honestly, I see a lot of similarities in many poets and my work. I am free form, and mostly light. My goal is to try and tickle a smile out of my readers, usually. Sometimes the darkness comes and you just have to go with it. Life is like that. 3. Why do I write/create what I do?
Simply, because my head will explode if I avoid the creative voices in my head/heart/feet for too long. I have to release it. Thankfully there are many other creatives in this world/blogosphere who share their talent with me (inspire, delight me) and are generous with their support for my writing as well. 4 How does your writing/creating process work? I'm really enjoying prompts from Poetry Jam; and, and Poets United; however, most of my inspiration hits when doing something mundane, like washing dishes, driving, walking the dogs or extraordinary like hiking in the Sierras, Southwest, or splashing in the sea :-)

And now, for the really fun part!  Here's a new amazing and very creative poet/songwriter to check out :-)

 Susan Schoeffield!

  • Bio:
  • Born, raised and living in Baltimore, MD, Susan’s interest in playing with words began in the 60’s when her ten-year old brain realized her favorite band wrote their own songs. Fascinated by the concept, she started writing her own lyrics. In 2009, she began to focus on her writing in earnest. Over the last several years, she has self-published a mystery novel, a collection of poetry, a haiku collection and a children’s book. She is owned by two cats, a black Labrador and serves at the pleasure of a Basset Hound.

  • For a real treat, run over and visit with Susan at:  

    Happy Touring!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shifting Tides

The love tide shifts
In her heart
Sadness draws
The liquid down
Only to be replenished by

~Teardrops skating on a moonbeam~

Gleam in his eyes
Victory was bitter
Tired of lessons repeated
Now armed with love
He reaches across the divide

This is offered for Laurie's prompt at Poetry Jam to write about a bridge, using the Puente form of poetry.  The 1st and 3rd stanzas are supposed to be different thoughts, I went more with different views...look forward to crossing more bridges tonight :-)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Enjoy the Glow

I'm having a sit in
A sit out-
Ride its orbital string
Above me
And enjoy the mystery
To see if clouds
Spin gossamer glow
Just so
Or if it will be
Just me
The moon and inky
A cricket or two
Sawing serrated wings
To woo
Just like me
And you
Let's be round
Glide slow
And enjoy the glow

This is offered for Alan's lovely prompt at poetryjaam.blogspot. com to write about the moon and for Susan at Poets United who asked for a public protest. I stretched that a bit, but I do protest the speed of life. Need to take time and enjoy the glow :-)

Friday, May 30, 2014


Age should not be measured in
Years, instead let's measure
Amounts of

Never giving up
Open Armed Hugs and

This is offered for Peggy's prompt at Poetry Jam about age, and also a for Poets United, where Rosemary honored Maya--a little acrostic for Maya who was one for the ages, and who gave us all a shining example of what happens when (in her words) we encounter many defeats but are not defeated.  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Floral Floatillas

Creamy cups of
Petals poised on
Sepal pedestals
Ready to leave
From glossy green
On a windy whim
To sail
Into a sea of grass

This is offered for OLN at where Abhra has us writing about trees--I have tried for years to poetically capture this phenomenon--the Pond Apple trees that line the canals here, have lovely chinese lantern type blossoms (thank you to Serenity Spell at for a great photo) that just drop from the trees into the canals, that flow to the Everglades (otherwise known as the sea of grass...)  finally came to me today, to cast them as ships...enjoy! :-)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Super Sighs Me

Splash some
Glitter on me
And sea
Let tanger-
ine streak
And lavender play
Between a nimble cumulus
And horiz-
Fill sun
With de-
Expand to
Full width and height
Yellow balloon
On fire
Swell and exhale
'Cuz as you know
In this show

Offered for Alan's prompt at, to write about sunsets. One of my very favorite things!  Hope to add a photo later.  Happy Sunsets everyone :-)

Friday, April 25, 2014


Words scorched
With hatred
Whip through her
Slicing her sense
Of strength, self
Her mouth
Of cruel dust
Her heart
A scarlet scarf
In rib
Then finally
By a parting
She staggers
Her last grain
Of confidence
To kick
Sand in the face
Of her

This is offered for  where Peggy asks us to pen a poem about deserts.  What can I say? It was a rough week...And now it's better :-)  Happy Friday!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Tastes Like Possibilities

It's a high-sky fly ball
Of silver glow
With a grin
Cloaked in
A hue
Of aura too
Bend and
Into that blue-blue
The twinkle-wonder
Of it
Tastes like

This is for Poetry Jam where Brian gave us a curve, a slow pitch, but no spit ball to write about baseball, possibilities...also Bjorn had writing using Kennings (short word combos)--I was too late for the party, but loved the concept, so I threw in a few of my own.  Happy Weekend!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Wings of Time

Time flies like the wind and fruit flies like bananas~Groucho Marx

A breath, a beat
A bundle snuggled
In my seat
Flying to Sacto.
A breath, a beat
A man's in that seat
Flying to Colorado
Seeking fun and snow
(Girlfriend also)
Insides fluttering
Heartbeat staccato
Till text beep
"Landed in Colorado"
A breath, a beat
In a blink
My boy's not a kid
And yet
I haven't aged a bit

This is offered. for Poetry Jam where Mary asks us to write about time, and Poetic Asides where Robert asks us to write about voyages.  My oldest son just took vacation with his girlfriend and my emotions completely surprised me by getting all unsettled and fearful.  Not like me, but as my mom's those mom bonds.  Just received an adorable selfie with two rosy cheeked joyful faces next to a snowman.  Feeling happy :-)  Happy Weekend!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Lessons from a Green Canoe

Glossy green, teak trimmed
Suspended, out of reach
Taunting me
With river journey dreams
In a yard sale, sold
Too young to
Voice objection
Old Town
Maybe if they'd
Let me paddle you
I'd have learned 
To go with the flow
Steer clear
Of relation-
ship rocks
Eddies, Rons, and Marks
Would have been left
Treading water
Not treading 
On my heart
If Dad had let me sit
On your sturdy wooden seats
Grip a paddle 
Tip side to side
Find my balance
And glide
Maybe I'd have learned
To better not bitter chart
My course
So long ago
I'll never know
Now I have to let it go

Offered for the prompt to let go, from Laurie at Poetry Jam,  Before kids, my parents canoed a lot in a beautiful green "Old Town" canoe.  I was always fascinated by it hanging in the garage. And then it was sold when I was about 9 years old.
About 10 years ago we spent several spring breaks canoeing with friends. I always wished that my parents had kept their canoe, so that we could have used it.  Funny how these things stick with you...time to let it go :-)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Who Knew?

They live
A burrow
Where it's grassy
(soccer fields, cause
they're sassy)
Decorated with dung
Ensures beetles
For their young
Small in body
Long legs scurry
In Brazil, prospering
With deforestation
But suffering
Here from human
Seeing them in parks
Is such treat
So long as they stay
Clear of cleated feet

This is offered for the prompt by Alan at Poetry Jam, who asked us to write about owls.  I think he had something more majestic in mind, but these little burrowing owls have captivated me since I first saw them at my son's soccer field. Photo credit to Wikipedia. Enjoy! :-)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The fizz
The bliss
I find in
From the sparkly
To the golden
Pour me a flute
And two for my friends
To joy
That never

A toast to Peggy at Poetry Jam who prompted us to write about bottles.  I love champagne, always a happy drink, and one meant to be shared.  So cheers!  :-)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Morning Train

On a bough of fir
Sleepy atoms cuddled together
Linked like train cars
Sun shine lights, excites
Sending atoms stretch-
Fling winged things
Black shapes coracoid
Clouds scatter avoid
Beakish Pierc-
Sun pushes on horizon
Lifts belly--golden
And raises rays
Dew grasps grass
Tries to last
Instead becomes gas
'Ol Sol laughs
While atoms climb together
Aboard the Skyliner

This is in response to Mary's prompt at Poetry Jam, to write about trains.  And, Creative Bloomings where Sara McNulty challenged us to write a poem with personification.  Coracoid is crow/beak shaped and the Skyliner is a train in Japan that goes between Tokoyo and the airport (seemed fitting...)  Inspired, as many poems are, by my morning walks with the dogs--walking by a stand of conifers it really looked like the trees had just flung the birds into the air...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

When Three's Not The Charm

As a
That mane of flame
No one could tame
Now shorn
Isn't golden
Did you forget
Long for
That grin
Lost in
The slushy

Offered for Laurie's prompt at Poetry Jam to write an olympian poem in 28 lines or less. Heartbreaking the threes in snowboarding--Lindsay third try, so far ahead in women's second semifinals and falls; Shaun always so brilliantly glowing, now shorn and sad--everyone talking about the slushy bottom in the half pipe...ah life, you just never least the couples won in ice-skating :-)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Well Tuned

It flows through
Drops on spider webs
And pings a string
"Oh What A Beautiful
Steam from coffee
Swirls to "Proud Mary"
Furry tails swing
While I sing "Happy"
His good bye kiss
Tastes like "Something"
The car wheels
On the street
"Eight Days a Week"
Lift your hands up
Life's a song
Clap, dance, sing
Or hum along

This is offered for  Gabriella's prompt at Poetry Jam to write a tribute, started out as a tribute to music which is my constant whether actually playing or just from the jukebox in my brain, but may have ended up as a tribute to life or can pick. And for the prompt by Gay at to write a song, a bit of serendipity there  :-)  Enjoy!   

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Southern Living

Fresh mowed lawn morn-
Greet me
While clouds that slept there
Wet shoes and paws
Egrets mingle in weeds
Playing peek-a-boo with minnows
And white wavy pond reflect-
Sunset sweetened cloudbanks
Embrace a yellow gumball sun
Melting into ebony copper-coated seas
Lily scented evenings
Show Orion pointing the way
While Betelgeuse blinks red
Pondering destruction
I sleep under a sheet of love
Encircled in the heaviness of
Familiar loving arms
With a toasty bundle of fur
Snuggled against my knee

This is offered for the Prompt by Peggy to write about where we live at  I live in South Florida, where orchids bloom in the is wonderful to be able to share with people everywhere.  :-)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


He was a teddy bear man
(at least in my mind)
Loved great writing and
Intellectual pursuits,
Passionate about his
Beliefs and
Loved his parents
Easily accessed
The child in him
Could sit to play
With his nephews
As one of them
Not like a grown up
Feining interest
Was there every Christmas
Lost touch
For no good reason
Didn't even know
He wrote poetry
And now
He's gone

Written for OLN at  dealing with the passing of a relative (three years younger than me) we used to know well, and then lost touch--we kept inviting, he didn't come, then we stopped inviting.  Just got a call that he passed away on Saturday.  And his cousins are the only living relatives, feeling sad and empty.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Brrrring It

The cold
Does not
Ice thin
'Cuz she's
Bring her
A blanket
A jacket
A heater
But whatever
You do
Don't refrigerate

A empathic wordplay for Laurie's prompt  at Poetry Jam to write about a refrigerator. I've spent the past week in 32 degree weather which is not my happy place.  Looking very forward to heading south tomorrow.  Warm wishes to everyone! :-)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Friendly Fire

We are not so
You and I
Releasing carbon
Oxygen consuming
Sparking when
Prodded or stirred
So come sit a spell
Me smokey secrets
While I feed you
Dry, tasty wood chips
And we'll share
Heat, light
Heart and
Toast to

A warming trend shared with Poetry Jam for Alan's wonderful prompt(romp?) to write about fire.  I've always loved it--campfires, fireplaces--loads of happy toasty memories :-)  Happy New Year everyone, hope that it is filled with bliss, health, and love.