Sunday, March 31, 2013

Past, Future, Present

By H. N. Vinas

We always seem to live in the future and the past
When the past is something to be learned from
Not held on to
And the future is coming at us
At an exponential rate
Let's just live in the present
Enjoy, improve, and love
The very moment
We are in
We are luckier than
We think we are
To be here
In this moment
In this point of time
Than we realize

A little guest blogging today--My oldest son loves quotes--he showed this to me the other day and I thought it was something he'd gotten from the internet--then he told me he'd written it for a friend who was feeling down!  Well, color me "Proud Mama!"  So, I had to share. ;-)  This is offered for Poets United Poetry Pantry, where every poem is a present.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

License to Love

Sun setting
On me and the day
Focused on HOME
When a license plate
Appears ahead
Smile replaces
A grim line
Joy peeks out
Is driving this
A car that's lost
It's gloss
Model type
(of course)
And the intrepid
Guessing a teen
Most likely female
A beautiful man
Mahogany statue
Focused forward
Perfect angles
and planes on his face
Smooth, burnished
Reflecting setting sun
His window down
I reach to press the
Open my window
Speak across the space
"Bless You Too!"
But the light has
Changed and
Must turn
(still smiling)

Of course true story--I can't make this stuff up--I love that when people put love on their license plates. Pulls me out of my "DRIVE" mode and makes me smile.  This is offered for Poetry Jam, where Peggy asks us write about "reflections", thank you Peggy!! and also was going to be offered to Poets United where Kim had suggested for Wednesday a reaction, but I missed the deadline, However, I'm going to take a stretch here, since this was inspired by an object, to link up with Dversepoets (because I love y'all) and go with positive capability, because that's the way I like to roll, at all :-)

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Stone's Throw

From no cooperat-
A continuing obligat-
Of your business
A lodestone
That's never unloaded
The end may be
A stone's throw
But the wait
Holds you down
Nose to the grindstone

This is thanks to De from Whimsygizmo, who suggested that I might "rock" this prompt from Trifecta (making a little pun there, De?) ;-)  Also sharing this (Sunday) with a place that I definitely share some chemistry Poets United  The prompt is to write a 33 word poem using the word "stone" they chose stone from the third element in the periodic table "Lithium," hence my fun with the word "ion."  Unfortunately, based on true frustration--we have our own business, my husband's been out of town for 4 days and right when he landed and was about to come home, (where I was waiting with wine and hopes of relaxing outside) crisis struck and he had to go to the office--sigh.  However, there's always a bright side, I had time to write a poem! :-) P.S. Sunday, got my wine, hubby and sunset fix (not necessarily in that order...)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In a Wink

He flashed
A wink
That ellipti-
Promise of a kiss
or More
Shaft of passion
Tracks straight to my
Strong and sure
Don't ever want
a Cure

This was written for the prompt at Poetry Jam, to write about a prism, and for Kim's prompt to write about a cure at Poets United, had a great idea to write about curing hatred, but then my husband winked at me, and here we are. Never been able to resist his winks. ;-) Also shared with Open Link Night, where winking is encouraged.