Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bubbling In Spaces

Artist Ken Waterstreet

Sparkling prismatic puffs
Breathe out and make magic
No logic just
Reflections, rainbows
And a grin
Blown into existence
Holding space
Like dancing leap
And then
Dissolving into

This poem is for Poetry Jam who asked us to write a poem about logic, there is no logic to how blowing bubbles appeals to any age--it's magic! And Poets United who asked for a poem about patterns. Bubbles create wonderful patterns.  This is a painting by a friend of mine--he was also my high school art teacher.  His paintings are amazing, lush and wonderful.  Check him out at

Monday, February 18, 2013

Where The Heart Is

The pink hibiscus tree
Was so small
And now it's not
At all
Instead brick
That glows in
Pink time
Painted on the
Pavers and pond
Spread by setting sun
So thick feels
Like you can breathe
It in
Star gazing
Fish catching
Friends laughing
Trees and children
Grow towards the sky
Or just the wind
Shaping smiles on the pond
Dorothy had it right
Home is Oz-some

Okay, so she didn't say that :-)  Was in my head when I woke up this morning and it made me laugh, hope you get a grin from it too. 25 years in one place, nearly all of it renovated by now (except that one bathroom off the kitchen...). Love looking out the kitchen window at the pond (photo is my view).  We were married here, tons of kid birthdays, etc. Lots of memories, and 3 hurricanes where the landscape was debris, and not so pretty.  Mary at dversepoets, asked us to describe one of our favorite places and this is definitely one of mine. Also shared with my friends at Poets United Poetry Pantry,

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lover's Leap

Perhaps I felt
The fractures
And when he
Got that job offer
Three thousand miles
From everything/one
I loved
Closed my eyes
And leapt
Tried to
Keep together
But not enough
Of me survived
The trip

This is tale of sacrifice for commitment-my na├»ve move to Florida from the Golden State of California, for my then husband, thinking things would be fine—left best job, best friends, best weather for worst job, no friends and awful weather. But I stayed, because I did eventually find love...(and a good job and good friends...) offered up for the prompt of Sacrifice at Poetry Jam, Laurie's first night (yay Laurie!) and for prompt of Committed at Poets United (yay Kim!) (felt like I should be committed after I moved to FL) and also shared with OLN at where we are all committed to sharing :-)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yes I Am

They said
You acted like a kid
I laughed and answered
Yes, I did!
I want to live joyously
I’ll oooh and ahhh
I’ll laugh out loud
Skip and play
No matter what
Other people say
I’ll lick my fingers
If they’re sweet
And smile at everyone
I meet
I’ll hug my friends
Squeeze them tight
And shout in delight
At the stars at night
I’ll spin spin spin spin
Till I’m dizzy and fall
And not care
What anyone thinks
At all

This is offered for Poetic Bloomings where they asked us to write a silly poem--it was supposed to be for a child, but hey, we all are children at heart!...and for Poetry Jam where Mary asked us to write a "yes or no" poem :-) The answer is Yes!! and...for a shot of Yes at the bar with dversepoets at Open Link Night-Cheers!