Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Southern Living

Fresh mowed lawn morn-
Greet me
While clouds that slept there
Wet shoes and paws
Egrets mingle in weeds
Playing peek-a-boo with minnows
And white wavy pond reflect-
Sunset sweetened cloudbanks
Embrace a yellow gumball sun
Melting into ebony copper-coated seas
Lily scented evenings
Show Orion pointing the way
While Betelgeuse blinks red
Pondering destruction
I sleep under a sheet of love
Encircled in the heaviness of
Familiar loving arms
With a toasty bundle of fur
Snuggled against my knee

This is offered for the Prompt by Peggy to write about where we live at  I live in South Florida, where orchids bloom in the is wonderful to be able to share with people everywhere.  :-)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


He was a teddy bear man
(at least in my mind)
Loved great writing and
Intellectual pursuits,
Passionate about his
Beliefs and
Loved his parents
Easily accessed
The child in him
Could sit to play
With his nephews
As one of them
Not like a grown up
Feining interest
Was there every Christmas
Lost touch
For no good reason
Didn't even know
He wrote poetry
And now
He's gone

Written for OLN at  dealing with the passing of a relative (three years younger than me) we used to know well, and then lost touch--we kept inviting, he didn't come, then we stopped inviting.  Just got a call that he passed away on Saturday.  And his cousins are the only living relatives, feeling sad and empty.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Brrrring It

The cold
Does not
Ice thin
'Cuz she's
Bring her
A blanket
A jacket
A heater
But whatever
You do
Don't refrigerate

A empathic wordplay for Laurie's prompt  at Poetry Jam to write about a refrigerator. I've spent the past week in 32 degree weather which is not my happy place.  Looking very forward to heading south tomorrow.  Warm wishes to everyone! :-)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Friendly Fire

We are not so
You and I
Releasing carbon
Oxygen consuming
Sparking when
Prodded or stirred
So come sit a spell
Me smokey secrets
While I feed you
Dry, tasty wood chips
And we'll share
Heat, light
Heart and
Toast to

A warming trend shared with Poetry Jam for Alan's wonderful prompt(romp?) to write about fire.  I've always loved it--campfires, fireplaces--loads of happy toasty memories :-)  Happy New Year everyone, hope that it is filled with bliss, health, and love.