Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stable Ground

Somewhere between
Eight and nine
It hit
My heart swelled
With it
And anything
Had to, HaD To,
Be mine
Six years later
Heard that nicker
Just for me
And was never able
To stray from
The stable
In overalls
Cleaned stalls
Cleaned leather
Learned how to tie a
Brushed our horses
Raced in the pasture
Or just laid like sacks
Across those broad
Sun-warmed backs
And became one
With our obsession
Years (many)
Later, my heart
Still stirs at a soft
For me, heaven will be
Filled with hay and a whinny

This posted for the prompt at Poetic Bloomings where they ask us to write about our favorite hang-outs when we were growing up. For me that was the stable—loved horses then, love them now—some things never change. We lived there, loving every scent, chore and of course the horses. Heaven. Also, for Tash and all the wonderful poets at Open Link Night—might not be typical Halloween fare, but horses did and always will bewitch me :-) dversepoets.com and this is a stretch, however, this horse-filled life was definitely a choice that overrode pretty much every other extracurricular activity in my teen years, and one that I'm forever thankful to have had--for the prompt “choices” at Poetryjaam.blogspot.com

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Love That Beat

Play some
Bass drum
Rim tap
Cow bell
Bass guitar
Honky tonk
Bee bop
Rock and roll
R & B
Choo choo
Salsa, too
Any thumping
Beat will do
Starts at my toes
It grows
Bounce, shake
Every atom
Joins in
Twist, shout
Let it out
Its the best
Way to be

Thank you to Dani at Poetry Jam poetryjaam.blogspot.com for inviting us to write about what we love, including dancing. Also dancing at the Open Link Night, with the fabulous Claudia, dversepoets.com, and with the incomparable  Sherry, at Poets United who did me the honor of an interview :-)  poetry roll.blogspot.com (have to scroll to Monday 10/22) Dancing has always been my happy place. From the Twist the Jerk, and the Monkey while we danced to the Beatles and Stones, in my parent's den, to washing dishes, or in my car (yes, that's me singing and shimmying at the stop light) the best way I know to shake off the blues and find my smile :-)   PS tried to give this poem a beat, feel free to tap your feet...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Moon Kisses

Whispers of the wild
                     Tip-toed barefoot
                        Sharp cold granite
                                  Peak just to kiss
                                     The soft white cheek
                                                     Of the moon

I guess this is my week to be slightly off the beaten path of prompts or direction. Have to say, this is not where this poem was headed originally, but sometimes you just have to go with it.  The flow of words is supposed flow like a moonbeam...  This is just to say, thank you for the prompts at Poetry Jam (Shadows-Love those! Thank you Peggy) poetryjaam.blogspot.com; Poets United (Wolf), but actually that's where I got my beginning line—thank you Ella, my muse was enchanted! Poetryblogroll.blogspot.com and for the inspiring and generous Brian who's tending bar for Open Link night at dversepoets.com

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sun Salutation

Go slow
Ease into the day
Sunlight does not hurry
Each beam slightly
It takes time to
Help the sky remember
Its colors
No rush
They will come
A slow blush on water blue
Hurried greetings
A nuclear fusion of effort
Colored the clouds
Just so
Face the light
And fully embrace
The day

Thought this might be fitting since tomorrow is Monday and we'll all be rushing around.  Came to me while walking the dog one morning.  The sunrise deserves its due (dew?).  This is posted for all the lovely people at Poetry Pantry--where Poets United invite us to share  poetryblogroll.blogspot.com

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Battle Lost

My bed's a planet
Let me stay in it
Peaceful in orbit

And leave the horror
No, not the snorer
The beckoning door

Where the evil grows
Never ever slows
Ignoring the snows

And chortles at me
While I spray with glee
Poison chemically
(and organically)

Sigh, futility
Next weekend I'll see
New sprouts creepily

Spreading on the deck
My life is a wreck
There's just no respect
From this chlorophyllic dreck

This was supposed to be a Englyn (3 lines 7 syllables, yet somehow 5 stuck in my head—so it's not, seven, it's 5, and I had to add that line at the end to make sense--but it was a valiant attempt, so I'm linking to dversepoets.com) also in response to Poetic Asides take a line and use it—“my bed is a planet” (kinda made me think of “plant” so I went with that...) and last but certainly not least, a poem in response to poetryjam's “Monster” prompt poetryjaam.blogspot.com Whew!! Weeds in my pavers are definitely monstrous, I refuse to use the even more evil herbicides, however, those weeds are definitely laughing at me, and I shudder to think of the masses of roots that are just waiting to take over...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Cracker Jack Creed

Crack life open
And find the surprise
Dab a little behind your
Stick it in your pocket
In a locket
But don't lock it
Hang it on key chain
Let it swing
Sprinkle some in
Your salad
Or in a
Champagne glass
Sip it, splash it
Wear it
Share it
Smear it on bifocals
Or binoculars
To improve the view
Slide some in your
You never know
What a little surprise
Will do

This was written for the Wacky Wednesday prompt at Poets United but I was too late to link there-- so I'm sharing it as part of the Poetry Pantry post instead.  poetryroll.blogspot.com
Inspired by Ella's introduction to SARK http://planetsark.com/ who writes wonderful words, like "Keep surprise close at hand"  :-)   The spark for this poem.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Above All Else

Above me I love the sky
Below me I love the sea
Around me I love my friends
On my face I love a smile
In my belly I love a laugh
In my ears A Beatles tune
In my nose Wafts of fresh baked (anything)
In my hand A glass of wine
At my waist My husband’s arm
Under my feet A sandy beach
There’s too much in life
To enjoy and see
To love one thing exclusively

This was written for a prompt at Poetic Bloomings to write a poem for one thing I loved to do "above all else"--couldn't do "one thing" and this poem was the result. Received a "Bloom" in recognition of my creativity. And since Time's been short lately I'm sharing it with you and my fellow poets at dvsersepoets.com, where it's open link night! Anything goes :-)