Wednesday, April 15, 2015


It's time
To come clean
Rinse off
The dirty secrets
Of my life....
Optimism can only
Carry me so far
There are ugly
Bad days
I have said
Many hurtful things
(And meant some of them)
Then sat in the yard
Like a wild orphan
Crying into my dog's
It was me that
Ate half the cookie dough
There are days
I want to give
On the world
I have backfisted a
And got drunk in
A treehouse
Yoga saved my sanity
I like talking to
I use canned beans
To make black beans
(A sin in Cuban culture)
My cuticles are torn
I can't watch
Scary movies
Optimism can only
Carry me so far
But love has no
Mileage limit

This is offered for the final prompt (sniffle) at Poetry Jam  Mary has decided it's time to move on and I understand, yet PJ is one of my favorite places. Love to Mary, Peggy and everyone who has made it such a loving community.  This is also offered for the prompt at Robert Lee Brewer's PAD, to write a poem about confessions.