Friday, August 22, 2014

Be Your Own Star

If a palm frond waves
Will you wave back?
Or just nod at
Waves slapping their palms
On the sand
There's a grain of truth
In the seas
And we rarely see it
Spending time wishing on stars
But its time to be your own star
Light your path through
The trees
And remember to wave
At palms on the way
( Everyone needs a frond...)

This is offered for Sumana's prompt to write about a path at Poetry Jam, and for Dverse Poets where Victoria asked us to write a poem with patterns, I was playing with homonyms. As you can see from the poem, I was just playing in general... a wordplay that took on a life of it's own.  Happy Friday everyone!! :-)

Friday, August 1, 2014


It is an ordinary
Ink and a container
To keep my fingers
From getting blue
(though they still do)
It holds all dreams
And fears
Just by pressing
Pen to paper
Releases my words
To the world
Laying on the table
Or desk
It could be a stick
But in fact
It's filled with magic

This is offered for Peggy's prompt at Poetry Jam to write about something ordinary.  I write a lot of poetry on my electronic tablet, but I love the flow of pen and paper, scratching things out, rearranging.  It feels like magic.  Happy Weekend!

Don't B Flat

The bluesman wailed under a swaying moon
The Ice Queen sipped the sound
Her tongue was sliced by C Sharp
But no blood was found
Melody flew through her lips
Then was consumed
By the sun
Of beat
Bounced off the trees
Who boughed and shook
Their shiny leaves
Willow gave a shimmy shake
Left musical leaf notes
In her wake
Breezling fingers flew
Music that
Tasted green
And that old man
Couldn't stop clapping

This is offered for Claudia's prompt at Dverse Poets to write a fantasy story using certain characters--I used Ice Queen, Bluesman and a man who couldn't stop clapping.  This started as a response to Anthony's prompt last week to write a DMT dream type poem, but I was too late to link.  Really enjoyed blending the two. Hope you do too :-)