Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Smile On My Sleeve

Prompt -- write a love,  anti-love poem

A Smile On My Sleeve

There are days
Love fills me to
People walk by and
Blink at the glow
In my chest

On other days
A well aimed word
Or glance
Slashes me open
People wince
While the bloom of red
Grows on my left breast

Most days I'm drifting
Fingers trailing
In the warm waters
Of every day love
My heart calm
And people grin
At the smile on
My sleeve

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lighter Than Morning

prompt -- write a morning poem

When the sun first
Gilds the day
Everything seems lighter

The red lilies glow pink
Droplets are diamonds
Everything seems lighter

The ibis glide on rosy light
The pond calls with silver whispers
Everything seems lighter

And I am merely a reflection
As this gift of light appears
Yet, my heart is lifted
Because everything is lighter

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Slip and Slide

Prompt-Write an under the microscope Poem

The cover slipped
On the slide
On the way under
The lens
So what we saw
Was H2O and dust
And not an

Never Never Land

If you ever doubt
That there is magic
In this world
Just take
A dropperful
Of puddle
Place it under
A microscope
And look
No wand required

Monday, April 23, 2012

Judging By the Weather

Prompt--Write a judging poem

In dark robes flowing
She strode into
The chamber
The crowd rose
Anticipating her
Ascent to the bench
A ray of sunlight
Flashed on her face
She blinked, smiled
Then walked
Down the aisle
Out the door
Some days
You just can't judge

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Share my poems with your friends, even the imaginary ones, keep smiling and remember that no one likes to be judged

Let's Shake That Groove Thang

Prompt-Let's ________

Let's Shake That Groove Thang

Boogie, mambo
Spin, twirl
Let go and
Shake it like
A little girl
Or boy,
Who feel the
Beat in their
Strut your stuff
Across the floor
Kick off your shoes
Shimmy, groove
Go ahead make your move

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Promises on the Porch

Prompt--Life Event Poem

Spent the day
Sweating, sweeping
Setting up chairs
Caterers circulated
Small group took
Their seats
With five short steps
A blessing said
A tug on tulle before
Promises and rings exchanged
New stepdaughter
Age three
Whispering insistently
That the bride take
The little girl for a
Bathroom break

True story :-)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cracked Crab

Prompt-Write a Regional Cuisine Poem

White meat
Teased from
Rosy porcelain
Pinch with fingers
Drawn butter
Shimmer gold
Onto sourdough
Open mouth
Insert heaven

Picture credits

That's my painting,  currently untitled--open to suggestions

In A Galaxy Far Far Away

Prompt--Write a Sci Fi Poem

Sung with tongue firmly in cheek to the Beatles "All Together Now"

Obi Wan, Two
Three Four
Starting Fed-
eration War

Five, Six,
Seven, Eight
Nine, Ten
I love Luke

A, B, C, D
Eewok ran
Into a tree

Bom, bom, bom, bompa bom
Blow up the ship, bompa bom
Get Leila Free, bompa bom
Grab the droids, bompa bom
Let us flee!

All together now
Vadar took a vow
On the dark side now
Yoda don't know how
To recover now

All together now
Princess Leia flew
On the Falcon too
With her brother Luke
But neither one knew

Five six seven
May the force
Be with You!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Half Baked

Prompt-Write a Mixed Up Poem

Butter, sugar
Beat until
Begs for a taste
Crack eggs
Throw shells
Into the compost
Miss can
Hit floor
Ignore it
Add two cups of
Water the flowers
And a bag of chocolate
Maybe two
Can never have
Too much chocolate
Spoon onto cookie sheet
Spoon into your mouth
Spoon with your honey
Keep life sweet

Monday, April 16, 2012


Prompt--Write a poem with the words; slash, balloon, mask, button and strap


Slash the balloon
And make a mask
With a button for a nose
Then strap it on
And laugh like a child

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Too Happy to Write Doomsday

Prompt-Write a Doomsday Poem

Write a Doomsday Poem


Poem 2

Step Out of the Dark, Come into the Light

If everything is going
to hell
Why are more people
Planting trees
Buying organic
Making conscious choices
And speaking up?
I'm with Toto
Time to tug back the curtain
And let the truth shine

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Child's Play

Goose, duck, duck
When it's left to
Lady Luck
To choose
You're the duck
And sometimes
You're the goose

Friday, April 13, 2012

Prompt write an unlucky poem

Second Time Lucky

Married once and didn't last
Thought that my chance at love
Had past
Then met husband number two
And finally found a love
That's true

corny, yes--but true!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something about a Martini

"There's something about a Martini. . ." Ogden Nash

There's something about a Martini
Intrigue, vermouth and Bond
The conical glass
That smile, the pass
By the gentleman who prefers blonde
He takes that first sip
Yet, after it touches his lip
Sean finds that he's been conned

I have an assignment

This is a call to action.  Or at least that's what it's called...
If you want to reach out and talk to me, I'm on twitter (cringe) @saravinas and on facebook at...I have to, I think you just look for sara vinas...still getting the hang of these things.

However, one of my passions is the environment and there is a very creative protest about to be staged on April 28.  A national dancing polar bear event (I'm not kidding).

So check and see if there's an event near you and we can stop Shell from drilling in the Arctic (been fighting this for 5 years...)

Go Polar Bears!

Something Under the Bed

Prompt write a Something ____ poem

Something Under the Bed

Used to fear things
Under the bed
Now I know
They’re all in my head

I keep hearing that "they're coming to take me away ha! ha!" song....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Prompt-Write a 100% poem

100% Wishful Thinking (a Piku) Dedicated to Teens
I might talk
You'd just listen

Prompt--Write a hiding poem

Hand it Over
To see what is
Inside my hand
The surprise
Resting against my palm
Tickle my wrist
With a feather
Save your forcefulness
For chopping wood

Helpful Writing Advice ...

I just came across this article and since I am really really busy, like everyone else I know, thought it might be welcome.
Note: I am not a spreadsheet kinda person, however giving myself a word count goal and knowing that this amount was enough to put together a novel, was enough to inspire me to tackle more revisions last night.
Happy writing!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On a Stump In Arkansas

Prompt Write a Poem Before Your Time

On a Stump In Arkansas
When my parents honeymooned at Half Moon Bay and a siamese named “Brew” slept in their bed.
My grandpa flew off a ship and hit his shoulder giving him a pain and a great story for the rest of his life. My parents canoed in a beautiful green wooden canoe, a splurge on their meager salaries and my father was in the army inspecting fish that the soldiers ate, because he was a fisheries biologist and wore glasses, keeping him out of Korea and in Arcata. My mother taught PE at a local high school and ran with me in her belly to show how to kick a soccer ball. Something I would learn in high school too, but never with the grace that my five months pregnant mother could muster.

Hard to Stomach

At thirteen
I looked down
And saw
Rounded belly flesh
Despair and disgust
In true belly fashion
You never cared
You kept protecting
My innards
Stretched to support
My children
Endured endless
Scrutiny and exercise
Designed to minimize
Strengthen, flatten
Erase you
And thirty years later
You have never complained
Always giving me a little
Navel wink each morning
So, I'm sorry
Now could you help me
Squeeze into these jeans

Prompt--write an apology poem


My heart

Prompt--write an unapologetic poem

Packing Instructions

A pocket full
Of Consideration
A heart
Full of Joy
Eyes full
of Wonder
A smile

Evening Invitation

Meet me in the arbor
Beneath the sweet creeper vine
Where I can watch shadows
Dance across your clever lips
And when the light fades
From the skies
We can count the stars
In each others eyes

No Seconds Please

She's eaten words
Too many times
Never is quite bitter
Never again will she
Say “never”
For fear it will be
Served up later

The Quivering Pen: My First Time: Janyce Stefan-Cole

The Quivering Pen: My First Time: Janyce Stefan-Cole

Why Cracker Jack?

Long ago I discovered my writing skill set did not include "literary poet."  So I went with what I had--by the way--big kudos to Shel Silverstein and Ogden Nash for showing me the light.

My poetry is usually sweet, sometimes nutty and there's usually a surprise inside.  Kinda like me.

This will be my forum for posting poetry.   Happy munching!