Saturday, June 30, 2012

CPO "Chief Princess Officer"

Cinderella was
My fave
Even if she was
A slave
Evil was doomed
To lose
And Cindy got
Amazing  shoes
Only now I've
Time to reconsider
I'd say,
"Cindy, screw
The slipper"
Go after glass
Ceilings instead
Don't use your feet
Use your head
Don't let fairies
Limit you
It's your life
There's no curfew

For the prompt" Fractured Fairy Tales" at Poets United


Just cause I'm
Big and sweet
Don't treat me like a
Piece of meat
Or keep me pregnant
To take my milk
Feed me corn I
Can't digest
Make me live
Knee deep in waste
Twenty deep crammed
Shoulder to tail
Swarming flies
In my eyes
Besides inhumane
And unjust
It's udderly

For the "Mood" prompt at Poetry Jam

Saturday, June 23, 2012


At first you don't notice
Cells that slip free
Their nuclei of fear
What people think
Sink below your radar
Next soul suckers
Are released
Let those lampreys
Loose you don't have
The juice to make
Everything all better
Heart soars
Levity leaves a
Cavity within and
A sprout
Sunflower,tender leaves
Capped in shell
Swells, casts off
Pretention, convention
Protection, shuns the
Faces, races and
The light

Written for the prompt "Labyrinth " at Think Tank Thursday # 102 Poets United

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Heart of Hearing

Waking, shaking in the
Soon-to-be-sister-in-law's bed
Words resonating in
Her head, chest
Heart thumping
Tongue thick
Lips tucked tight
Flight imminent
Ignorant of calamity
Door opens and her betrothed
Shoots a smile of delight
Her brain stomps
The rebel edict
Lips curl, automatic
Faux happy
And her gut churns acid disgust
Days and weeks the battle
Ensues, heart beating
The brain, until the ace
Is drawn and played
"No one else will love you."
Chills her through
And she succumbs
White-dressed and smiling
She says "I do"
And four years later,
"I won't"
Lessons learned
The hard way through
Heart knows what
The brain don't
And the amygdala lies, too

PS  Happy ending--listened to Heart, found soulmate--married 24 years, 2 wonderful sons and an amazing stepdaughter, plus Max the Wonderdog who chases my latest mistake (never should have fed the ducks, but that's another poem)

From the "Mistake" prompt at,  would have liked to have written a poem that went along with Sinatra's words-- "Mistakes, I've had a few, but then again too few to mention..." but that would have been a mistake...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Grin and Share It

The following is an unpaid
Public Smile Promotion:

A sprite of sunlight
Rippling on the water
Monarch marionettes
Dipping in and out of
Milkweed flowers
That first sip of champagne
A fizz and shimmer on your tongue
The warm brown eyes of
A happy lab
Yeasty warm bread, melted butter
A smile from a fellow shopper
Erasing your focused frown 
(from trying to choose the least hard melon)
A morning, and evening hug
With a snuggle while you sleep
There's plenty
More, keep 
Celebrate your smiles
Time to up the ante
Kids smile 400 times/day
Adults only twenty

This is from the prompt (thank you Mary!) at

Please leave one of your favorite reasons to smile--c'mon get happy! :-)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not What She Sea-ms

Her liquidity is not in question
Nor her panache
The way she flashes light
Back at the sun
Moods that roll in waves
Or crest for the moon
Storms only thrill her
Splash-dancing crashing with thunder
A body that rocks the world
Never be lulled by her 
Mirror calm or
Turquoise beauty
A mere tectonic scrape 
Of her belly 
And her wrath is tsunamic

From the "water" prompt at

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In Need of Counseling

Hiking, teaching silly songs
Swimming, hugging
Righting wrongs
Tucking in and story time
Keeping six giggling girls
In line
Laughing at the weekly dance
Sneaking out for moonlit
Scenes that repeated
From Monday to Sun.
A summer full
Of counselor fun

This could also be titled "Earning College Living Expenses"  you do what you know and I knew camping...
From the prompt to write about "camp" at Poetic Asides

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Another one of life's
Sand creates smoothness
(Except in swimtrunks)
If there are 
Rough patches
Pit paper against patch
Grip it, slide it
Let that grit
Work for you 
Until you can
Find the smooth places
If all else fails
Sand was here
In the beginning
It will be here 
In the end
So pull out that worn
Deck chair
Lean back and wait
Sometimes life is
A Beach

From Open Link night at  Thx Tash :-)

Monday, June 4, 2012


My poem "How to Wake A Teenage Boy" was just accepted by "Errant Parent"

It will be posted on 7/4/12  come celebrate independence and poetry!

Joy--popping out all over...going a little nuts...:-)

Friday, June 1, 2012


Nuerons and heartbeat
For my words
While Cadmium Blue
And Vermillion pump

Eager fingers dip
Splash, slip, smear
While hips
And I hum in the 
Key of joy
Leaves me at a loss
For words
But my fingers
Are ready to sing

From the prompt "What does art mean to you?" at Poetry Jam