Monday, April 29, 2013

Washed Away

Blow some soft rain
My way
Drip into
My soul
Smooth the edges
Blur the consequences
Leave the taste of nothing
On my tongue

Two weeks ago my father-in-law fell, hard-broke a lot of bones and has been hospitalized—recovering now. He's a strong guy, and recovering well—but days in hospitals and staring mortality in the face, wrings my heart out. The rains of the tropics—warm and soft, starting up now—feel like hope, and made me think of washing all this emotion away...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

So-not (a sonnet)

I suck at sonnets, a fact--nearly a law
The rhythm's off the subject wrong
My fellows grunt a hearty guffaw
At the herky jerky writing stumbling along
A poem alas, to make women swoon
Or at least give rise to smile
Makes me appear instead a buffoon
And the woman promptly revile
Each word, phrase, and feeble attempt
To woo, with phrase elegant
Results in words, at best unkempt
I should be able, but I can't
Magic I have for love and fun
But for sonnets, I have none

It's true, I do, suck at sonnets. However, it seemed the perfect time to write one in the voice of a fictional character (I pictured some sonnet-challenged boy fairy in A Midsummer Night's Dream) thanks to Peggy's wonderful prompt at Poetry Jam and the sonnet for Day 11 of Poetic Asides (yes, I am Very behind) :-)

Friday, April 12, 2013

In Case of Broken ___

In Case of Broken Dreams
Open case
Tie each piece
Gently, tenderly
To a colorful kite tail
And release

In Case of Broken Window

In Case of Broken Ground
Scoop a soft space
Seeds, fragrant is best
Water well
And rest

The Poetic Asides Poem A Day prompt yesterday was "In Case of ____"  the prompt today is to write a Broken poem--they just seemed to fit so well together (irony, broken and fitting, or maybe not...)  These were like chips, couldn't write just one ;-)  Enjoy!
. Shared with Poets United Poetry Pantry where dreams have a happy home

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pocket Poems


Pockets are meant
For storing
Not keeping
Do not blame me
When your keys go

As the resident goddess of laundry, I have little—no patience for people who don't check their pockets before chucking their clothes in the basket.   Shared with Poetry Jam, where Laurie inspired us with pockets full of poetry  and also sharing with pockets of poets at OLN :-)

Feline the Blank

Feline exclamation
Vegetable combination
Popular in the Depression
Fun alliteration
Unclear why it's suffering

Yes I was/am a huge fan of Looney Tunes and Tweety Bird, loved how he said “putty tat” :-) Poetic Asides prompt--suffering

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Two Days

String Together a Sevenling

String words
Together in a
Tercet, no, two

With a single
Punchline ending
About almost anything

That's how you write a Sevenling

Two prompts in one—write a Sevenling form poem and write an instructional poem ;-) Enjoy.
(Wrote the Sevenling this way before I saw the second prompt—Serendipity!) :-)


She dances on the edges
Hunts recognition
Wishes for popularity
But actually
Senses, if wishes
Were granted
She'd become the hunted

Don't know where this came from—channeling teen angst--Poetic Asides prompt, write a poem with hunts and hunted...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Poetry Overload

Hold Onto Iron Knee

Sculpt me a man
Brawn's what I want
No, not marble
May sway some
Sculpted calf, thigh
But I want my man
Molded in fire
Polished and gleaming
(get my meaning?)

Very very late in my postings—behind in my poem a day—this was written for day 4 Poem a Day, prompt “Hold Onto ____) and then I saw that was writing about irony...and, wordplay took over—can you find the word with double-meaning?

Two Dog Night

Had one dog
Added one more
One for the floor
Plus one at my feet

True—got two, a big hairy (husky mix) dog and small fluffy (not shedding thank you!) dog—both rescues. Love multiplied, not just added and laughter too-- Poem A Day-Write a “Plus” poem

Stamp It

No more missives
Perfect pen between
My fingers
Tip-tap send
Email, tweet or FB
That's the only post
For me

Never thought I'd see the day. I passionately loved pens and stationery. Would spend so much time selecting the perfect pen to write. And now, I'm fully in the electronic age. Use pens to scribble, not “write.” sigh. Do love the ease of it all, though. Poem a Day, write a “Post” poem

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Light Hunting

The sun creeps
On kitten toes
The darkness
Spooks and
Spills a ray
Along the horizon
Waits for songbirds
To ease solitude
Then leaps
Into the pines

Day three (Whee!) of Poetic Asides--writing a tentative poem.  Several false starts, but I think this one is fun :-)  Just for grins, I'm sharing with Poets United, where Kim has offered up "body" never thought about so many types--and since I used a kitten analogy to em-body the sun, I'm sharing there too

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dark Matter

Called to say,
“I'm taking a break”
She didn't know
(or maybe she did)
The break was more
Than meta-
Physical-a crack
In the glass round his
Vitreous anticipation
Shimmer to shatter
Tried to be light
In vain
The dark discovers

Day 2 of Poem A Day with Robert Brewer-Poetic Asides; also offered for the prompt from Alan who had some rocking music, with great lyrics-Crack in the Castle of Glass, at Poetry Jam

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Two-fer

Line and Sink-her

Sail me

He and Me-MT

In this place
We can breathe
Each other's
And only have
To clean
Up our own

I'm participating in Poem A Day, where all my poetic bliss started, at Poetic Asides and Robert Brewer who first threw out that challenge and for whom I am forever thankful.  The prompt today is:
New Arrivals--the first poem, inspired by my tendency to be too trusting, and the second inspired by my husband's and my fledgling empty nest status ;-)    Enjoy!