Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Letters Illuminated

Dear Stars,

Thank you for giving me humility and awe. For lighting the vast shadow of limitless space. For inspiring sparkling thoughts and diamond sprinkled analogies.

For showing us the way, when we are lost at sea, or on land, for never wavering in your brilliant constancy.

I love your constellations, the way you spin your galaxies just so. Some people might say you're too hot tempered, but I think you're super, nova or not.

Yet, most of all, I wanted to thank you for giving everyone here at planet blue a place to hang our wishes, even when you fall.

Long may you shine.


For the “Write a Letter” prompt at Poetry Jam and for Open Link Night at the bar of Happy hour indeed :-)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Field of Dreaming

Didn't intend to
Spend twenty-five years
In the outfield
Hands at my sides
Hope penciled onto, fading
From the weathered palm of my glove
For a dream

Then, a sun scorched day
Sight blocked by light
Heard the swing
The rush of air
Reached up, up
Tendons to the point
Of tearing
It landed
Light as my favorite song
A dream
And all I had to do
Was reach

Written for the wonderful prompt "Dream Catcher"  at Poets United  Couldn't resist the baseball analogy--eventhough it was a sport that eluded me skill-wise :-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Drow Semag

Any word scramble
     Is like dangl
A treat to bat
         and swing
For the claws of
         my intellect

Written for the prompt "Games" at Poetry Jam
And thanks to my great poetic friend De for the inspiration to dangle my words :-)

The Red Door

A nut brown ranch house
With a Red door
Ivy curving in the eaves
Marigolds, tulips and crocuses
In the garden
A huge fruitless (thank goodness)
Mulberry tree in the back yard
Perfect for climbing
(if you could reach that one lower branch)
There was a playhouse, too
(a shed taken over by a sisterly coup)

Cherished wall to wall
Avocado green carpet
(we were the last to get wall-to-wall)
Three bedrooms
In grade school, mine was heaven
Lavender, with bright pink furniture;
High school soothed with blue, 
Homework with the radio blasting
Reading with the radio blasting
(transistor mind you, so cool!)
Vinyl dinette, four seats perfect for
The four of us
And a yellow and green kitchen
That always smelled amazing
(Except on "liver" nights)

Safe inside, cozy-excepting sibling screeches
Outside a cold war
(“Better dead, than red”)
Whispered loud enough
For kids to hear
A Commie had snuck in
With a red door

I'm dating myself here (besides wall-to-wall carpeting, transistor radio), but back in sixties red was a pretty inflammatory color, usually meant your were a Communist sympathizer—but my mom just liked red. Of course it didn't help that my parents were liberal teachers, wearing bell bottoms and long hair, who'd infiltrated a conservative compound of neighbors. :-) But that's what fences and hedges are for...

Written for Poetic Bloomings #67, describe your home prompt, and dverse poets at open link night

Saturday, August 11, 2012


My nose has always been
A book
And writing one
Seemed simple
Theory it is
Practice it's not
Wrote two novels
Too many
My nose has always been
A book
My heart has always been

This was written for the prompt at Think Tank Thursday at Poets United  to write about the book you're reading. I am chain reader of romantic comedy. And in deep admiration of authors who can write and revise ad nauseum until the story is ready to publish.  If you want names of good romantic comedy, let me know and I'll give you a list.  Also love Sharon Creech, and The Secret Life of Bees and ...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Night Light

Speeding car at night
No headlights
Yet, enlightening

One call
Friends picked up
The pieces
With love, without judgment

As if the moon had
Split and shot
A beam that

Pierced terror
Released peace

Shining on a
Simple word

Written for the "What are your values?" prompt at Poetry Jam and for Open Link Night a

True story--not me driving, fortunately it was emotional pieces--not pieces of me. At the time was completely stressed about 3 tests in one day--it was an epiphany--or being smacked upside the head with something I'd known all along--the big stuff in life is love/friends/family.  Everything else is relative.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Forget true north
Truly too cold
Head south, wade in
Tropically toasted seas
Balance that little
Disk with needle tilting
In your palm
Outstretched towards the horizon
When the sun and sky conspire
To paint the world pink
Let your lashes kiss your cheeks
Breathe in the simmering stillness
Release the compass,
When you hear it splash
Listen to the dot-dot-dash of your heart
It's the only instrument you need

This is for the compass prompt at Poets United poetry