Friday, March 28, 2014

Lessons from a Green Canoe

Glossy green, teak trimmed
Suspended, out of reach
Taunting me
With river journey dreams
In a yard sale, sold
Too young to
Voice objection
Old Town
Maybe if they'd
Let me paddle you
I'd have learned 
To go with the flow
Steer clear
Of relation-
ship rocks
Eddies, Rons, and Marks
Would have been left
Treading water
Not treading 
On my heart
If Dad had let me sit
On your sturdy wooden seats
Grip a paddle 
Tip side to side
Find my balance
And glide
Maybe I'd have learned
To better not bitter chart
My course
So long ago
I'll never know
Now I have to let it go

Offered for the prompt to let go, from Laurie at Poetry Jam,  Before kids, my parents canoed a lot in a beautiful green "Old Town" canoe.  I was always fascinated by it hanging in the garage. And then it was sold when I was about 9 years old.
About 10 years ago we spent several spring breaks canoeing with friends. I always wished that my parents had kept their canoe, so that we could have used it.  Funny how these things stick with you...time to let it go :-)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Who Knew?

They live
A burrow
Where it's grassy
(soccer fields, cause
they're sassy)
Decorated with dung
Ensures beetles
For their young
Small in body
Long legs scurry
In Brazil, prospering
With deforestation
But suffering
Here from human
Seeing them in parks
Is such treat
So long as they stay
Clear of cleated feet

This is offered for the prompt by Alan at Poetry Jam, who asked us to write about owls.  I think he had something more majestic in mind, but these little burrowing owls have captivated me since I first saw them at my son's soccer field. Photo credit to Wikipedia. Enjoy! :-)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The fizz
The bliss
I find in
From the sparkly
To the golden
Pour me a flute
And two for my friends
To joy
That never

A toast to Peggy at Poetry Jam who prompted us to write about bottles.  I love champagne, always a happy drink, and one meant to be shared.  So cheers!  :-)