Friday, July 27, 2012

Sound Sleep

Sing me a song
Tuned to bliss
The subtle notes of
Wavelets lapping
On a sailboat keel
So I can rock and sway

In time with drip-drop
Patter on palms
And the see-saw swish-scritch
Of fronds swinging in
Rhythm with a balmy breeze
So I can sway and rock

With the light years of
Crystal whispers
Streaming from the
Infinite sea of space
So I can sway and sleep

Written for the prompt to write sound poem for Think Tank Thursday at Poets United poetry

Monday, July 23, 2012

Beaten Not Stirred

If you leave without word or
Reason and believe
It's a kinder way to part
There may be an organ in your chest
But it will never be a heart

Written for the prompt of "Betrayal" at Poetic Bloomings   --Note: I looked up the etymology of the word "betray" (was considering riffing on being a tray)--it's (be-tradere) "be-traitor"  Then I got to wondering about "portray"  different tra-latin ending "trahere"..meaning "to draw"  tray interesting?

And shared on Open Link Night with at  Great party y'all!  :-)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sweet Stuff

Mysterious food tickled me
Spun sugar and rock candy
Pink fluff with a melty crunch
And edible crystals I couldn't munch

Only lick, suck and spin
Till fragments crumbled and fell in
To and on my eager tongue
It took forever to eat just one
(In hindsight, a benefit
Many more would've made me sick)

The squeal of voices and machine
Spinning rides that turned me green
I played and explored the fair with vigor
But, truthfully--I was there for the sugar

Written for the carnival prompt at Poets United

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Les is More

A childhood lived in the
Bright, high intensity
Of De-Light
Earth was to be
Explored, experienced
Climb the cliffs, sniff the air
A mountain lake of snow melt
No tip of toe--whole body leap!
Swerving off roads to
Grab binocs
Reach for Petersen's tattered bird guide
Back-seat impaired we strained
To see
The magic he saw
Every plant, insect, animal
Bird, fish, canyon, cloud
Had a name, a story
And was gilded in awe
Our vision forever altered
Life was a sea of wonder
Don't hesitate
Jump in with
Both feet and
Eyes wide open

Offered to dVerse poets open link night  Happy Anniversary!

This poem is dedicated to my inspiring dad, who's name happens to be "Les"

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

The Paris sun so bright
The sky perfect azure
The sidewalk cafe
Croissants had
Just been served
Then wafting through
The air
Came something
Not so sweet
Parisian patrons
Puffing smoke
While we tried
To eat

Just one of those things the brochures and romantic movies don't show you---the romantic sidewalk cafes are also where everyone smokes...

From the prompt at Dverse poets--celebrate Bastille day and write about something French

Friday, July 13, 2012

Snow Colored Memories

White is not colorless
Every flake a
Melting memory
Fire-red thrill
Flying downhill
Bubble gum pink giddy
Tumble, spill, iced adrenaline
Stepping into solitude
Twilight blue peace
Among snow coated trees
Lift your face
And be graced
With frosty feathered tickles
A thousand cloud kisses
Exhale the fog that cloaks
Your heart
Inhale crisp clear joy

Written for "Think Tank Thursday" at Poets United

Growing up snow was a treat, a weekend trip--didn't have to live in it day to day.  Still is a hit of bliss to feel flakes melt on my face.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Another Reason To Celebrate!

Today's the day my poem was published in Errant Parent!

Come check it out:-)